Oji Design @ Milan Design Week 2011

Oji Design @ Milan Design Week 2011

A Sirocco wind, pretty unusual for April, has brought the presage of unexpected events: the air is filled with a sense of alert, as something was shaking the earth under our feet; you get the impression of some sort of new energy being on the brink of besieging our certainties, of subverting eveything we’re used to with a surprise attack; somebody is even talking about visions of a guerrilla in action, about premonitory dreams of an invasion of fluoro ideas.

Visions in black and white, formal nightmares, toy armies attacking invincible ideas: Oji Design introduces the 2011 Design Collection with an outstanding installation-exhbition conceived by Giuseppe Pulvirenti and enriched with photographic interpretations by Stefania Romano

About Oji design

Oji Design is a contemporary design project strongly linked to the Sicilian land, aspiring to be inspired and contaminated by different cultures, melting together the peculiarities of heterogeneous ideas, colours, atmospheres, materials and production methods. This original fusion come from its creators’ biographies; it resembles to the journey of someone who is never going to forget where he came from but still strives for leaving and set himself free from any stereotype on his origins, willing to experience something new and, in the end, to bring it back home.

Annalisa Cocco, the glass charmer

Little miracles of tangible transparency, unexpected unions of delicacy and conceptual strenght come to life from the mind of Annalisa Cocco, a Sardinian designer who has dedicated years to researching, conceiving and producing manufactured articles on the border between design and craft.

The objects collected under the name of TOUMEI (the Japanese for transparency) are glass shapes that morphe while keeping the genes of a common descent: the discreet dimensions, the reference to an organic, vegetable essence, the whispered allusions, a certain subtle, necessary, vivifying irony. Inspired from the archaic culture of her native island, they satisfy functional everyday needs; at the same time, for their taste and aesthetical declination, they aspire to become real contemporary archetypes, armonically responding to the hymn Good Ideas Never Die.

Annalisa Cocco’s creations will be showcased together with the complete Oji collection during the GOOD IDEAS NEVER DIE / A PICTURE OF OJI event, taking place during the upcoming Design Week at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea gallery in Milan.

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