Chloe Table by Helen Kontouris for DePadova @ Milan Design Week 2011

Chloe Table by Helen Kontouris for DePadova @ Milan Design Week 2011

Australian designer, Helen Kontouris describes her Chloe table for DePadova Italy as follows: –  “One day I was sitting in a cafe, enjoying the interesting things in my surroundings, when I noticed that something was blocking my view and preventing me from perceiving the environment as a whole: the leg of the table. I began to wonder why table legs are almost always single pieces, and I reached the point of designing a leg without a center, to ‘let it breathe’. Subtracting instead of adding, now the table can be integrated more completely with its surroundings”.

For the Chloe table, designed by Helen Kontouris, the design choice favors the concept of simplicity to allow the table to be inserted in all kinds of contract applications. The steel and aluminium structure is combined with the layered laminate of the slender but strong top. The lack of thickness gives the whole piece an air of lightness, while the original detail of the color makes it even more precious

About Helen

Helen Kontouris was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1976.

Establishing Helen Kontouris Design in 2001 she has collaborated with a number of national and international clients, manufacturers, architects and retailers, including Sun Weave (Hong Kong), WMF (Germany), Alessi (Italy), Schiavello (Australia), Kundalini (Italy), Manufacturas Celda (Spain) & Ritzenhoff (Germany) to name a few.

Recently Helen won the coveted title of IDEA awards Designer of The Year as well as picking up a string of other awards.

For Kontouris, each project is unique and extensive research underpins the development of each product. Process drives the generation of form, more so than any predetermined notion established at the outset of the design. Kontouris is inspired by her observation of everyday experiences, of people’s interaction with objects, and the fresh perspectives gained from travel, which shapes and informs her work.

“We live & breathe a culture of dreams, process & creativity. Our approach to each project is an opportunity to discover, learn, evolve, simplify, interpret, innovate and create.

Strong creative partnerships are formed through our commitment, value, contribution & growth of our clients businesses.

Our role as designer is not to give you the safe or predictable result. We sometimes challenge & redefine the project to enable us to explore the possibilities we strongly believe in, whilst always respecting the client’s decision.

We believe ecology in design today, rests on the role of the designer as cultural architect, creating products with clear purpose, intelligent material appropriateness & function that arrest you with their beauty & promote a movement ‘against throwawayism’. You are emotionally attached enough not to discard it. When you no longer need it, give it to someone whom you know admires it or to charity for those who need it more now, than you.”

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  1. Joe Ricchio - April 12, 2011

    From one viewpoint you are now looking at 2 legs in effect. From the other viewpoint, 90 degrees one way or the other, you are looking at a leg wider than the leg that inspired you.

    Just let it be a beautiful table with a bit of surprise as you walk around it.

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