Monica Castiglioni at Depadova @ Milan Design Week 2011

Monica Castiglioni at Depadova @ Milan Design Week 2011


Rooted in the center of Milan, the fashion capital of the world, the jewellery collection designed by Monica Castiglioni takes shape and inspiration from the natural forms of nature. Represented and realized with natural materials like bronze, mixes of bonze and silver or copper: not as precious materials or as jewellery artifacts but more rough materials to represent nature in its full expression.

Each jewel is beautifully touched by natural “inspirations” like palisade wood, pearls, amber or quartz. The shapes are interrupted by cracks, orange peel and plisses effects. Materials leave space to reflection and meditation, while shape wraps around the concept.

Monica’s sense of design comes from a deeply rooted tradition in design, her father Achille Castiglioni was one of the famous Italian furniture designers who contributed to writing history in Design.

Since 1981 ( age 20) she has been producing her own collection of jewellery. In 1990 she created the Anthias Jewellery Brand together with Natsuko Toyofuku.

Via Pastrengo 4

You can also see Monica’s pieces at the Depadova showroom in Milan

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