Real Industry Future Classics @ Milan Design Week 2011

Real Industry Future Classics @ Milan Design Week 2011

The Real Industry “Future Classics” exhibition at SuperStudio is the international premiere of the Comforty brand under the artistic direction of Tomek Rygalik.

The key subject of the exhibition is the issue of timelessness of design, its essence, on which the brand reflected when starting the creation of its new collection and building its identity.

Inviting the young generation designers from all over Europe to collaborate under the closed international Future Classics competition was one of the important elements of this process.

We will see a brand in the process of being born, in the context of a dynamically developing “New Europe” furniture industry, a brand looking for artistic language and expression for its newly established identity.

philippe nigro floating sofa

In the presented collection, Comforty is trying to combine the aspiration to achieve perfect quality, the balance between the form and functionality, attachment to traditional craftsmanship, which does not exclude innovative thinking in the creation of upholstered furniture.

Designs created for Comforty by: Anderssen&Voll, Lucidi Pevere Studio, Philippe Nigro, Tomek Rygalik, Edward Van Vliet, Tomasz Augustyniak, Alessandro Dubini, Castello Lagravinese, Form Us With Love, Paweł Grobelny will be shown in the arrangement by designer Dorota Koziara and Studio Rygalik.

It also draws from the existing potential in the Polish industrial tradition, which is combined with the experience and ideological background of designers and experts from various fields, invited to cooperate on the collection.

Via Tortona 32

The exhibition presents the stage of research on new paradigms and value of design. Comforty undertook it among other things by announcing the closed design competition “Future Classics” in 2009.

For most of the participants invited to the competition it was the first opportunity to work with a company from the so-called “Eastern Europe”.

Designs of sofas presented by Comforty in the “Temporary Museum for New Design” are therefore the result of the meeting of different cultures, creative circles and styles. Under the competition, workshops conducted by the international expert in trends, Zuzanna Skalska, were held, with the participation of Comforty designers and team.

The task of the international jury, including among others Patricia Urquiola, was to evaluate the aesthetic appearance of the items, their timelessness, functionality, innovativeness, and original interpretation of the motto accompanying the competition: future classics, an idea of the creative director and co-owner of the brand – Jolanta Pasynkiewicz and her brand design manager Paweł Kubara who was the co-author and coordinator of the competition.

Comforty inaugurated its international operations in an unconventional way, sponsoring the first joint exhibition of Polish designers “Young Creative Poland” under Salone del Mobile 2010.

The curator of the exhibition was Miska Miller Lovegrove. The exhibition was held in the legendary La Triennale.

During the communist times, back in 1960, the last presentation of Polish design, in the modernistic spirit, was held here, and its curator was Oskar Hansen.

During the exhibition in the La Triennale museum, Comforty announced the first international competition in Poland under the perverse title “Future Classics”. Opening itself to a discussion and joint searches under the competition together with the international group of designers, design critics or trend specialists, Comforty accepted at the same time that it was an interesting way to create its own identity.

philippe nigro

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  1. Portugal Brands - April 14, 2011

    The collection that The Real Industry “Future Classics” exhibition, at SuperStudio, is presenting at Milan Design Week it’s really nice. The idea of bringing together a young generation of designers from all over Europe under the theme “Timelessness of design” is fantastic, since the result is positive and very diverse.

    Milan Design Week is in the middle and we believe that you will like to see what PortugalBrangs is showing this year at Tortona Design Week. Meet us at Via Tortona 32, Torneria 2 and get to know the collective bunch of portuguese brands that we brought this year.

    We hope to see you there.

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