Studio Drift – Future Fragile III @ Milan Design Week 2011

Studio Drift – Future Fragile III @ Milan Design Week 2011

Studio Drift presented FlyLight, an interactive light installation at the ‘FOO – flight of Objects’ Dutch designers’ group exhibition at Ventura Lambrate.

The installation was composed of 160 glass tubes in an array based on animal group behaviour. The lights interact with the viewers through sensors that translate changes in the installation’s environment to computer stimulations that drive the electronics of the lights making them react to the stimulus as if they were a flock of starling or a school of fish

The lighting “Fragile future III” is a dreaming and poetic installation , made of a structure of phosphorus bronze, and LED’s covered with dandelion seeds.

“Fragile Future III” is a balance between technology and nature. In the distant future these two extremes have made a pact to survive. Fragile Future III combines an electrical system with real dandelions in a light sculpture that is predestined to overgrow a surface.

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By Cassandra Pizzey / 13-04-2011

What is FOO?

“FOO stands for Flight of Objects. We decided last minute to put a show on in Milan together with three other designers and this is the name that rolled out.”

Why these designers?

“There is a common theme in all our work, namely light and movement, or a sense of dynamic if you will. First of all we chose Studio Molen because they had recently designer a chandelier, just like us. Then we wanted to work together with Studio Eric Klarenbeek and Sebastian Brajkovic because their work is really dynamic.”

Which new designs are you presenting in Milan?

“Firstly there’s the Fragile Future III. It’s a modular, electronic and three-dimensional construction. Bronze electronic circuits contain actual (handpicked) dandelion seed heads, and form a power circuit in 3D. It’s a great combination of low tech and high tech, nature and technology.”

What about Flylight?

“It’s a light installation featuring 180 glass tubes. This piece is based on the behaviour of a flock of birds or shoal of fish. You’d think there’s no system to it but apparently none of the animals wants to be ahead of the pack, or lag behind, they all want to be in the middle where its safe. It’s like a basic willpower from which this behaviour stems.”

How does this relate to the object?

“The tubes are fitted with motion sensors and allow the light to ‘follow’ you around. Because each of the tubes reacts independently, it produces a random pattern.”

Why use halogen lights?

“We researched every type of LED available but none satisfied our needs. A halogen bulb gives a beautiful warm light and can easily be dimmed, until LEDs catch up, this is still the best light.”

Where would you find this light object?

“It’s designed to be hung in a space where people can interact with it, such as an office or ministry building. Of course, the lights can be suspended in various ways, not just clustered like in this space.”

What are you looking forward to this week?

“Sometime this week, we will be meeting with Ingo Maurer, the best there is when it comes to light design. Hopefully we’ll get him to come by our exhibition.”

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