Minotti – “Style & Architecture” @ Milan Design Week 2011

Minotti – “Style & Architecture” @ Milan Design Week 2011

Minotti Salone 2011

As always not a Stand, but an exercise in “Style and Architecture”.  1,200 sq mtrs on 2 levels and multi-dimensional with a number of full and empty spaces, where the concrete separating elements, chosen to place the accent on the functional division of the settings, alternate with the precious wood panelling, highlighting the contemporary mood of the collection.

The concrete floor, a feature of the style that is used in Minotti’s fittings, melds with the catwalk lighting 6 mtrs above and entrusted with the tricky task of sculpturing the shapes of the products and objects.

The atmosphere is attention-grabbing. Each style element placed alongside a product, from the sophisticated selection of objects, to out -of-the -ordinary lighting elements, help to create a striking decorative effect.

Images of the setting alternate as pictures of modernity and convey the language and style of the brand, its deep-rooted identity.

Alongside the space open to the public is a reserved, exclusive area that is accessible upon invitation but clearly visible through the glass partitions.

The area on the mezzanine floor, connected by 3 staircases that have a light and extremely modern design, almost as if to suggest the different forms of domestic experience, is multi-dimensional and offers various inspirations.

An exhibition area for the new bed, a communications and meeting area for international customers and last, with a particularly innovative interpretation, a multimedia area. Here large screens show images and videos of the Minotti world with access to the www.minotti.com website in its new format and latest contents.

The functional multimedia architecture of the mezzanine floor becomes a suggested layout for the showrooms around the world.

For the first time, the stands outer walls surrounding the exhibition space have wide windowed structures, in a contemporary style with a vertical grid system made of wooden slats.

Another Minotti masterclass in understated luxury !!

BTW   Stay tuned for Product Collections details ….  Watch this Space ….

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