Keys of Colour by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2012

Keys of Colour by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2012

Good ideas always give good results.

Once again, one of the most captivating exhibitions at Milan Design Week was that of Paola Lenti’s indoor and outdoor collections, her pieces delight in simplicity and comfort. The scenography and environments enchanted those who passed through the unusual spaces and secret gardens of the former 15th century monastery

Paola Lenti continues her “Responsible Event” project at the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria at San Barnaba 38. Again invited visitors enjoyed a peaceful journey through the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria surrounded by an atmosphere of surprising colors, sounds and smell.

Paola Lenti and her supporters once more took part in directing restoration of some of the Renaissance spaces and gardens within the Cloisters ( a place of exceptional beauty )

Francesco Rota continues the ‘more than 10-year-long’ collaboration with Paola Lenti whose stylistic, identifying feature is ” the functionality of indoor and outdoor items in which the balance between research into materials, simplicity of shapes and the character of colour/aesthetic choices becomes an unmistakable quality ” – marked this year by some reinterpretations and by the extension of ongoing collections, like the Kimono sofa, featuring a special upholstery that has been designed with sartorial care and that resembles a kimono, or new outdoor proposals such as the innovative and playful Adagio, the lawn basket swing


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