DePadova @ Villa delle Due Palme, Genoa

DePadova @ Villa delle Due Palme, Genoa

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The residence, located in a privileged position on the Riviera di Ponente, offers breathtaking views of the Ligurian Sea.

Close to the main tourist resorts of the Cinque Terra, just 5 minutes from the motorway network and 30 minutes from the airport of Genoa.

Building History


In 1915 the naval architect Francesco Cattaneo, owner of the building at the time, built a metal battery cylinder which when dropped at sea, would use the motion of the waves, to produce electric energy.

The system was patented but was never exploited.

For much of WW1 Cattaneo vacated the House

During the WW2, the House was used by Italian army officers in convalescence

After the war the new owner Dr. Zucchi (a professional doctor) completed both internal and external renovations

The building was later taken over by the “Order of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” that took in retirees for summer holidays

In 1999 it was bought by a Welfare Association of Genoa which, after some years, created the “Hotel Villa delle due Palme” a 2 star Pensione designed to promote accessible tourism at European level.

It has been recently renovated and modified, to create strata titled apartments which are now available to buy.

It has been structured into eight prestigious apartment stratas (of various sizes), with large terraces and fine finishes

Despite all these changes going on during these decades up to the present day, the 2 palms have remained and make a fine show supporting the Villa

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Buy your piece of heaven in the middle of the sea !

Facing a very clear sea, “Villa delle due Palme”, is located in a quite privileged and peaceful situation, near to the towns of Arenzano and Voltri, just a few minutes from Genoa

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Ville delle Due Palme was built in 1915 by Francesco Cattaneo

It is the mission of VILLA DELLE DUE PALME to transform the private world of luxury penthouses

For the discerning few who seek the very best that life has to offer, these properties serves as a leading resource for luxury residences.

Depadova had the pleasure to furnish the apartments in true Milanese style

Discover beautiful spaces, marvel at the architectural expression and at the sublime views, explore services designed to cater to your every whim.

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Villa delle due Palme is situated at Arenzano, Liguria, Italy ( near Genoa )



Project of renovation and change of use By Studio Marcolini Barsotti

The context of the intervention is typical of the rocky coasts of the Riviera di Ponente where the building is located as isolated incident but at the same time next to the building fabric of Voltri.

The building body is composed of two distinct buildings, built on a rocky slope next to the sea.

The construction involved the restructuring of the whole organism and the change of intended use from Hotel to residential apartments

stair well

In both buildings was studied a different internal space organization, was thought a vertical connection via internal stair cases body, unique and contextually and Barycentric were all redesigned exteriors of land in accordance with the constant construction and landscape context, including through the use of materials already found in building artifacts typical of the surrounding area



Depadova furniture was used throughout the Villa’s apartments

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Mistral Floor Plans


Villa delle Due Palme, Genoa 10



Libeccio Floor Plans



Greccale Floor Plans




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