Paola Lenti – The Colour of Places @ Salone Milan 2014

Paola Lenti – The Colour of Places @ Salone Milan 2014

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“Il Colore dei Luoghi” by Paola Lenti

This year Milanese designer Paola Lenti celebrates her 20th anniversary of business activities, confirming once again its personal vision of outdoor and indoor living, focused on a philosophy of functional and elegant, simple and long lasting furniture.

The importance that the Company has always attributed to “beauty”, intended as the totality of its forms of expression, leads to a meticulous choice of materials and to a unique colour palette.

This is a result of the interpretation of colour as focus of the visual space; a vivifying and balanced bond between nature and product.


As usual, the brand’s vision of outdoor living is focused on functional and elegant, simple and long lasting, but mostly colourful pieces.

The daily work of Paola Lenti Company is the result of thoughts transferred into ideas, which are then transformed into reality, through the geometry of pure shapes, binding tradition to modernity, lightness to precision, beauty to functionality; abiding in surroundings that create a unique view, towards a horizon without boundaries

Paola brings her love for super-soft forms and textures to a new line of outdoor furniture that is notably leaner than her usual playfully over-stuffed options.

Some of the collection’s highlights include a new seating collection by Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen, and a system of modular seating elements by Italian designer Francesco Rota, combined with a series of low cabinets and a side table.

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Francesco Rota’s collections of sofas and cabinets for indoor use

System of modular seating elements available in two heights and two depths.

The elements dimension and the possibility to vary their height thanks to different typologies of feet allow for the composition of both traditional sofas and more informal seating.

A series of cabinets made completely of wood or made of wood with certain parts covered with fabrics and a side table can be integrated into the system.

The low cabinets and the side table are provided with spaces protected by glass cover, that can host little precious collections.


Portofino is a new seating collection, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, consisting of a chair with armrests, a deck-chair, an armchair and a pouf with foldable structure made of locust heartwood; removable cover available in all outdoor fabrics in the collection.



Il Colore dei Luoghi will be on display in the courtyard of Chiostri della Società Umanitaria, Via Daverio, 7,

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