Knoll Outdoor Collection Classics

Knoll Outdoor Collection Classics

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“Our legacy is the product and product culture that we leave behind.

What we have done at Knoll with the products which we inherited and what we have done to create new things to move the company forward, we have done to honour and preserve the Knoll legacy.”

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Knoll produces the original design using the finest materials and the experience of Knoll craftsmen, conferring on the product its authenticity and value as a work of art.

Knoll offers a comprehensive range of durable, modern and iconic outdoor furniture.

Knol defines outdoor living with pieces that inspire and endure.


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Knoll Outdoor Collection Designers


Richard Schultz

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Richard Schultz worked with Harry Bertoia during the development of Bertoia’s iconic collection of wire chairs.

Some years later, Florence Knoll specifically asked Schultz to create a collection of furniture that could be used outdoors.

The result was the “Leisure Collection” (now sold as the “1966 Collection”) which became an instant classic.


Harry Bertoia

harry bertoia

Italian sculptor, university lecturer and furniture designer Harry Bertoia showed a stroke of genius with his patented Bertoia Collection for Knoll in 1952.

An inventor of form, who explored new boundaries for furniture, Bertoia turned industrial rods into a design icon.


Don Chadwick

don chadwick

The Spark® Series designed by Don Chadwick brings people together to spark conversation, ideas and imagination.

The four leg side chairs are lightweight, sturdy, easy to clean, waterproof and UV-protected — suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Eero Saarinen

florence knoll and eero saarinen

The Pedestal Collection, including the Saarinen Dining Table, was the result of Eero Saarinen addressing the slum of legs underneath chairs and tables

A five-year design investigation led him to the revolutionary Pedestal Collection, introduced in 1958.

For Saarinen, fluid design and flowing curves followed basic ergonomics.

His design philosophy behind the Tulip lineup was simple, clear and well founded – To “clear up the slum of legs in the home”


David Adjaye


For Adjaye, designing is about “trying to find specific conditions and to amplify them and to make them aesthetic, to make them visual, to make them potential for being part of our world is what I’m super interested in.”

The Washington Collection for Knoll, David Adjaye’s first collection of furniture, transforms his architectural and sculptural vision into accessible objects for the home and office

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