Vola Innovations @ BAU Munich 2015

Vola Innovations @ BAU Munich 2015

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Vola recently launched 2 x new product collections at BAU, Munich Germany.

BAU, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, is the biggest and most important event in the building and construction sector.

Every two years this event brings together market leaders from the sector to participate in a unique international display of competence spanning all the construction trades.

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New VOLA spa product – Waterfall shower head

VOLA offer choices not only in aesthetics but also in functionality – to create a mind and body experience that combines relaxation and invigoration

As with each new VOLA launch, their design and production professionals have developed a naturally-evolved product that is both stylishly innovative and reassuringly consistent.

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New VOLA Round Series hand shower

These new VOLA products will be available for ordering in April 2015.

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The VOLA Round Series

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Vola believes that a bathroom should be an area of total departure from the stresses of modern life.

One where purity and harmony free the mind and senses.

In response to this, VOLA’s Round Series, takes as its focus the circle – a soothing, geometric form.

VOLA’s Round Series: is an exercise in product continuity and evolution

The VOLA Round-head shower made history as the first shower designed by VOLA based on the calming shape of a sphere.

A shower of choice among international architects, it already graces the homes of discerning private individuals and the bathroom suites of prestigious hotels worldwide.

It was a natural extension of the VOLA range – and a key element in the award-winning Round Series.

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Cohesively VOLA:

In living spaces that demand total cohesion between architecture and design, the Round Series provides a harmonious solution: with each product creating visual echoes of the next.

The consistency of our design philosophy and the inter-relationship between our forms enable us to offer a modular system, where each product can be combined with another with perfect ease.

The existing Round-head shower and new Round Series hand shower now combine as essential elements of the perfectly sculpted bathroom suite.

It can be ceiling- or wall-mounted. It can be finished in polished chrome, brushed chrome, natural brass, brushed stainless steel and 14 different colours.

In the wall-mounted model, the relationships between the two cylindrical forms – one horizontal, one vertical – and the shower ring itself, carefully mirror classic VOLA design proportions.


VOLA choice: options in water flow

Since bathing is an intimate and individual experience, the Round-head shower offers customers a personal choice of water flow.

It can deliver 24 litres or 15 litres or down to water-saving 7.5 litres of water per minute 3 bar pressure according to WaterSense – to suit all preferences.

Sustainability through water conservation is important to VOLA. But this is only one part of a holistic approach to reducing energy consumption.

VOLA quality products last for generations, keeping the environmental effects of manufacturing to a minimum.


Introducing the new Round Series hand shower T60 and shower rail T65

vola round hand shower T60

vola round hand shower

Staying true to Vola’s twin principles of celebrating continuity and relishing innovation and perfectly echoing the VOLA Round-head shower 060, VOLA presents the latest additions to its exclusive shower range: The Round Series hand shower T60 and shower rail T65.

Both products effortlessly continue the aesthetically pleasing forms and materials of the innovative Round-head shower.

The timeless and elegant simplicity of the Round-head shower has already won awards from international industry bodies.

Now, in combination with the new Round Series hand shower and shower rail, it will provide ultimate VOLA design coherence and functional excellence to the most discerning customers – whether for their own contemporary homes or as key elements of an architectural concept.

vola round shower set

VOLA Round-head shower and Round Series hand shower finished in brushed stainless steel

VOLA believes that continuity not only pleases the eye but also calms the spirit.

In an increasingly relentless world, VOLA designs products whose form and function ease the stress of daily life – and make the bathroom a place of refuge and tranquility.

The unique products all take their proportions from the classic Arne Jacobsen taps designed more than 45 years ago.

This creates a visual synergy: it is why they work together so naturally.

The new Round Series hand shower is no exception.

It takes the special elements of this design language – the circle and cylinder forms – and combines them with functional simplicity to provide an antidote to the most hectic of lifestyles.

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The Round Series hand shower is a seamless extension of the VOLA Round-head shower.

They are based on the same design DNA.

The core design elements of the Round Series are the spherical shape and the narrow ring.

This elegant ring can be seen clearly in the side view

The slender cylindrical form of the supporting tube extends behind and beyond the shower head subtly emphasizing the latter’s status as the key element.

vola hand shower


The shower rail also relates to existing VOLA design elements.

When ready for use, the Round Series hand shower head can be held in place by the optional shower rail

It is attached to the wall with a circular fixing, matching and adjacent to the round hand shower head – creating a horizontal harmony with the shower taps.

A button responds easily to one hand, sliding it to the best height for effective showering.

The round hand shower and shower rail are designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne.

vola handshower nozzles


Perfectly VOLA: careful craftsmanship

The striking geometric forms on the Round Series hand shower head are immediately apparent – its eight architectural lines fanning out from the centre.

Facing outwards from the wall, these perfectly reflect the original Round-head shower’s 18 lines.

And, in just the same way as the larger shower head, the water nozzles are drawn back into the form to create a calming, smooth finish.

Polymer detailing on the tube provides a comfortable hold and mirrors the design of the shower head: being drawn back into the form for elegant simplicity.

In the brushed stainless steel model, the material has been brushed by hand in a circular motion to echo the ringed form.

round series

Complementing the Round-head shower are the paper tissue dispenser and several styles of waste bin.

All are discreet and represented by a pure circle on the wall.

It means a luxury bathroom can now be VOLA to its very core, blending not only elements of VOLA’s extensive range of accessories, but also taking as its starting point our two harmonised round shower products.

vola 11

In a bathroom that is purely VOLA, we combine strong and stylish design, bathing efficiency and ultimate relaxation.

Perhaps that is why so many of the world’s top architects consistently choose VOLA for their most prestigious clients.

round series soap dispenser



VOLA new Spa Products

vola spa products

To its long history of stylish, innovative and effective designs, VOLA has now added two spa products that exemplify the quality, craftsmanship and consistency for which it is known.

Two products to grace any luxury bathroom retreat – where quietness and meditation combine with ultimate physical well being


Sleekly Therapeutic. Visibly VOLA.

The luxury private bathroom, hotel spa or sauna should be an oasis of tranquillity.

An escape from worldly matters.

A place to rejuvenate the body, and allow the mind to empty and the soul to meditate.

Into this environment of total relaxation and wellbeing, VOLA has introduced two new therapeutic products: the Kneipp Hose 070W and the Waterfall Shower 080W.

Both reflect the continuity of VOLA classic designs.

Both illustrate the innovation for which VOLA is sought after by leading architects and designers across the globe.

The Kneipp Hose and Waterfall Shower are designed for use as part of a holistic sauna experience.

Both provide soothing flows of cold water to calm the mind and awaken the body.


Refreshingly VOLA: the Waterfall Shower

kniepp shower head

True to VOLA classic geometric designs, the Waterfall Shower 080W is based on simple, understated cylindrical shapes.

Its innovative form creates an asymmetric balance between the inlet cylinder from the wall and the outlet cylinder from which the water flows. Neither is central. The combination is both sophisticated and visually dynamic.

Echoing VOLA timeless design principles, the Polymer gasket that controls the water flow is drawn back into the aperture, creating a clean edge and focusing the eye on the sleek and rounded forms.

The Waterfall Shower 080W has been conceived as an essential ingredient in a restorative spa experience.

Once the sauna has warmed and relaxed the body, the refreshing effect of the cold shower that follows is of equal importance.

Together they create the balance that leads to ultimate relaxation and mindfulness.

Available in polished chrome, brushed chrome, natural brass, brushed stainless steel and 14 different colours, the Waterfall Shower provides a smooth ribbon of fresh cold water.

This gentle but steady cascade helps the bather to cool off rapidly.

It invigorates the system and contracts the dilated blood vessels.


Therapeutically VOLA: the Kneipp Hose

kniepp hand held shower

The Kneipp Hose 070W complements the elegant Waterfall Shower perfectly.

In combination, they present an aesthetically harmonious addition to any spa environment – whether in the private home or in the sumptuous surroundings of a first class hotel.

Designed using the same cylindrical forms, the wall fixture and hose aperture end pieces sit parallel when not in use – creating a pleasing symmetry with the adjacent taps.

Available in polished chrome, brushed chrome, natural brass, brushed stainless steel and 14 different colours, they exactly match the Waterfall Shower finishes.

The design of the Kneipp Hose also reflects that of the Round Series hand shower T60, though with a larger hose diameter and simpler end piece.

The Kneipp Hose itself is white – in keeping with a naturally pure spa atmosphere.

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Gentleness and Well being

With the Kneipp Hose, VOLA has created an essential element for effective hydrotherapy in a spa environment.

The 22 mm hose aperture produces a generous but soft current of cold water that is immediately cooling on the skin.

Enveloping the bather like a fresh mountain stream, it soothes the mind and energises the system.

For therapeutic effectiveness, the hose is guided from the peripheral parts of the body inwards towards the heart.

For example, the flow may be directed onto one leg and then guided laterally upwards to the centre of the torso.

Kneipp hydrotherapy regulates blood pressure and enhances circulation. It also encourages cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system.


Consistently VOLA: the secret of calm

Aesthetically VOLA: pure and simple

Cohesively VOLA: timeless innivation

Visibly VOLA : uniquely refreshing.

Perfectly VOLA: careful craftsmanship

VOLA choice: options in water flow

VOLA innovation: a long tradition


Vola @ BAU

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bau vola 2015

VOLA takes pride in the continuity of it’s design language.

But they also celebrate novelty and innovation with each new product.

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About BAU

Messe Muenchen

BAU, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, is the biggest and most important event in the sector.

Every two years this event brings together market leaders from the sector to participate in a unique international display of competence spanning all the construction trades.

The 2015 event took plave between the 19th-24th Jan, 2015


The previous event took place from January 14 to 19, 2013 at the Messe München exhibition center. Over 2,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and over 235,000 visitors from all around the world took part in the show.

On display at BAU on 180,000 square meters of exhibition space – for years all the available space has been fully booked – are architectural solutions, materials and systems for commercial and residential construction and for interior fit-out, for both new-build and renovation and modernization.

BAU is also the world´s largest trade fair for architects and construction engineers, attracting more than 60,000 design professionals.

The exhibits at the fair are organized according to building material and also product and theme areas.

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