Paola Lenti interpreted by Sergio Bosatra

Paola Lenti interpreted by Sergio Bosatra

Paola Lenti DC

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A beautiful movie produced by Sergio Bosatra highlighting the quality and depth of Paola Lenti‘s raw material textiles juxtaposed against nature’s creatures

Prod: Sergio Bosatra
Producer: Alessandro Castriciano
Dop: Manfredo Archinto
Art Direction: Christelle Bonamici
Editor: Sergio Bosatra


paola lenti ladybird wall floor rug


Paola Lenti @ Milan Fair 2011 videos produced by Sergio Bosatra





Paola Lenti @ Chiostri dell ‘ Umanitaria, Milan 2011



About Paola Lenti

Since 1994 Paola Lenti has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial strategy based on research and experimentation which has led the Company to establish itself as an international reference in the world of design.

Turning the pages of a Paola Lenti catalogue is like discovering balanced and essential new design landscapes where opposites become complementary: past and present, interior and exterior, tradition and technology.

In this approach one can find a serene coexistence of seemingly diverse influences: where metal and wood structures are designed to be durable; where modern and comfortable interiors seating live side by side with the newest solutions for exteriors; where elegant hand-crocheted floral rugs are created with high-tech yarns.

Each design attributes its originality to the selection and creation of the material and to the simplicity of its forms.

The pieces are created to be timeless in terms of quality, functionality, colour and aesthetics.


About Sergio Bosatra

sergio bosatra 1

Although Italian, Sergio Bosatra grew up, studied and worked in several countries, picking up several languages.

He graduated in the UK in European Literature, attended the New York Film Academy, and started his professional experience with photographer Olivero Toscani at Fabrica, Benetton’s communication laboratory.

He then opened a language studio, Eyespeak, which began providing linguistical services for the film industry.

His first job on sets was Dialogue Coach, and from there he started working as Assistant Director.

He worked as 1st AD for 8 years on projects with stars like Madonna, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel to name a few.

Above all, Sergio was able to learn the trade by working with top directors and cinematographers, both in Italy and abroad.

sergio boastra 1

In May 2011, he started working as Director and despite a high degree of specialization in the domain of high-speed, food and tabletop, Sergio is constantly working towards a vision of projects as a whole rather than in parts.

He is working increasingly with actors and live-action to cultivate an organic and powerful visual experience.

Always on the lookout for good stories, he seeks to forge an elegant and distinctive style while focusing on the essence of a subject.

Sergio’s professional experience also touches the domains of animation, documentary and music videos.

He is based in Milano, Italy, and is currently working on his first feature film project “Nina and the Wolves”

sergio bosatra right


About Tablespot Productions

Table Spot is, nowadays, one of the most experienced and effective table top and special effects service in Europe.

With over 300 table top commercials shots, the very specialized team has acquired a keen sensibility to perceive clients’ and agencies’ needs and desires and, thanks also to the highly sophisticated and complete technical equipments available, we can accept any challenge and accomplish any mission with always an eye open on best “value for money” ratio.


Chocolate 2011

Director ” Sergio Bosatra
Prod: 360fx
Dop: Simone Puricelli
Sfx: Andrea Bonomi
Art Direction: Christelle Bonamici
Editor: Sergio Bosatra

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