Paola Lenti at “Chiostri dell’Umanitaria” @ Milan Design Week 2011

Paola Lenti at “Chiostri dell’Umanitaria” @ Milan Design Week 2011


Paola Lenti presents the 2011 collection at the Chisotri dell’Umanitaria, a historic Milanese institution, which has always engaged in the promotion of culture and art. It is a former Franciscan convent of  400  yrs in four Renaissance cloisters with hidden gardens and authentic spaces, full of charm and history.

The Chiostro dell’Umanitaria is made precious by its gardens and the columns of its four cloisters – Wisteria, Statues, Memory, Fish – and by the splendid salon of frescos. The masterwork of Umanitaria includes the ex refectory and a room recently restored with outstanding friezes and paintings dating back to the first decades of the sixteenth century.

Paola Lenti together with some partners have committed their energies and financial resources to the ongoing restoration project of the Umanitaria for the next few years. In this unique place, Paola Lenti offers a journey through different suggestions using sounds, colors, smells and objects. A process that develops in an environment and atmosphere on the segregated spaces of the Umanitaria.


San Barnaba 38

tea time – part of the 2011 collection by paola lenti

Among the new features in the Paola Lenti 2011 collections are as follows  ( product shots to be posted soon )

A new open-weave fabric designed for outdoors and used for the latest collection of sofas and chairs for outdoor Teatime .

An innovative material used for the Plano and Round tables for internal and external: a mixture of cement-free resins, fully recyclable, resistant to compression and bending, which allows for reduced thickness.

Extension of the existing furniture groupings –  Kiti hand woven chair, Mira chair, Haven collection, Heron stools have been extended.

A new carpet by Rosa – “Play and Touching the Invisible” in pure wool, hand tufted and carved,

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