Peer Lindgreen photographs Minimalux @ Milan Design Week 2011

Peer Lindgreen photographs Minimalux @ Milan Design Week 2011

This is a special presentation by Minimalux for the Salone del Mobile, 2011 in Milan. Against a backdrop of the famous design capital, Minimalux products are captured on film as they explore and enjoy familiar Milanese sights and experiences.

Photographer Peer Lindgreen followed the Minimalux products around Milan – shooting them in areas ranging from the classical central region to the industrial landscape of Zona Tortona, creating a rich and stylistically varied body of exceptional imagery.

Day 1  /  Black & White + (1)

Todays postings have been shot in black & white with the addition of a single colour

The products represented are from the recently launched 2nd Minimalux Collection, including some new designs and finishes for 2011

To see the “Minimalux around Salone Milan 2011” photos taken by Peer Lindgreen on each of  Days 2 to 6, please continue here after the jump ….

Day 2  /  Plastic Cam Autopack 430EX

Todays photographs have been inspired by a vintage 110 film cassette camera


Day 3  /  Filmic

Todays postings have a cinematic quality.


Day 4  /  Large Format Polaroid 10″x 8″

Todays photographs have the familiar feel of pictures taken with a large format polaroid camera


Day 5  /  The Wall

Todays photographs were shot against the wall of an old courtyard on via Savona in the Zona Tortona region


Day 6  /  Sunlight to Red (When I close my eyes in the sunlight I see red)

This final day of photographs charts a casual exploration of the city at the end of a busy week – dazed and tired in the warm April sunshine!



mark holmes

About Minimalux

Minimalux is a London based design brand under the creative direction of the designer Mark Homes (a founder of Established & Sons). Minimalux made its debut in April 2009 with a carefully edited group of silver and gold-plated brass desk and table accessories that were notable for their luxurious minimalism — thus the name.

The new 2nd collection has the same vibe, but at more accessible prices. It produces modern collections of desk objects, table objects, ornaments and accessories.

At the core of its design ethos are the opposite elements of simplicity and splendor, combining to form a unique and enticing identity. This is seen in the premium materials and lustrous finishing of the small, stark and simple Minimalux products – each one a lasting and jubilant celebration of a pure and elemental form.

It is also evident in the stripped-down yet quality driven operating structure of the company – an approach that strives to be progressive, ethical and sensitive to our consumer tastes and concerns.

These characteristics are integral to Minimalux – guiding brand development and providing the inspiration for future collections.

Minimalux is supportive of local, non-exploitative, efficient and traditional manufacturing methods. It has assembled a highly skilled production infrastructure that is well equipped to provide the quality levels and care that Minimalux requires. This provides a trusted and reliable team of practitioners – offering invaluable knowledge of processes and materials and informing the design development and creation of future collections.

Production of the first two Minimalux collections is carried out in and around South East England and the Midlands. Expert local craftsmen and engineers in the regions have been key elements in their creation. Gilding, precious metal plating and electroforming in solid silver is executed by London based Gold and Silversmiths – Royal Warrant holders to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

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