Ett la Benn set up for “Poetry Happens” @ Milan Design Week 2011

Ett la Benn set up for “Poetry Happens” @ Milan Design Week 2011

Poetry Happens is an exhibition bringing together some 15 internationally acclaimed designers and artists takes place in the Ventura Lambrate. The exhibition will display authentic, archetypal projects, prototypes, objects and installations with a narrative design quality. Participating designers and artists will explore the different ways in which their work relates to poetry.

“Poetry is what happens when nothing else can” – Charles Bukowski

The exhibition Poetry Happens invites all visitors to discover the different ways in which design, art & poetry inevitably intertwine.

Photos courtesy of Ett la Benn which is an agency for prod­uct and inte­rior design based in Berlin

Via Privata Oslavia 8


danil durler


About Ett la Benn

Ett la Benn transforms innovative ideas into reality.

Founded in 2007 and managed by Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Dürler Ett la Benn‘s primary duties are divided in three business divisions: furniture design, brand architecture and consulting for foodmarket and retail concepts.

Ett la Benn stands for demo­c­ra­tic prod­ucts that stand out due to their high level of inno­va­tion, and that offer new approaches in terms of mate­ri­als, func­tion­ing and applications.

Inspiration derives from our daily business through advanced communications networks. We combine a wide range of software skills with traditional crafts

Intu­ition, emo­tion and cross­ing lines are in the cen­ter of our designs: whether its fur­ni­ture or spa­tial struc­tures, what uni­fies our objects is their rup­ture with cur­rent pat­terns of thought and design. Through exten­sive con­cep­tual phases, schemes and object are cre­ated that high­light in an inno­v­a­tive way elements like  “func­tion” or “mate­r­ial” and that offer new approaches in terms of application.

Poetry Happens Exhibition

“Design as a creative discipline always floats between pure culture and an applied profession that caters to specific needs,” said Werner Aisslinger, Tim Brauns and Fabien Dumas. The organizers of the exhibition and Berlin-based designers want to emphasize the experimental, cultural, in short: the poetic quality of design. This aspect can manifest itself in manyfold ways. There can be poetry in the way certain products mirror their creator’s personality. Or, for instance, in the way prototypes and mock-ups tell the story behind the creation and show how an idea evolves, thus lending them a narrative quality that often make them more striking than the final product. Collages can have a poetic quality, breathing new life into parts, principles or mechanics of existing ‘everyday’-products, and turning them into into new hybrid objects, which, unlike standard industrial products, proudly sport the signs of their former existence.

Poetry Happens, features works by Studio Aisslinger, Studio Makkink & Bey, Mark Braun, Fabien Dumas, e27, ett la benn, Formfjord, Harald Gottschling, Mathias Hahn, apparatu/mashallah, Clemens Tissi, Marre Moerel, Jerszy Seymour, Maria Volokhova and Chinabrenner.

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