Studiocharlie’s Ala Screen for Vittoria Bonacina @ Milan Design Week 2011

Studiocharlie’s Ala Screen for Vittoria Bonacina @ Milan Design Week 2011

Studiocharlie = Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Forget, Vittorio Turley

“Isolate not divide, protect without separating.” – this was the project concept of the ALA screen designed by Studiocharlie and now produced by Vittorio Bonacina  – the venerable Italian company specialising in rattan and wicker furniture.

Hypergeometrically shaped the ALA screen combines roundness through the structued base by creating a multi-faceted volume, well-anchored to the ground – yet visually light on the eyes due to use of different patterns of weaving in the different pane sections of the screen. Perfect for cocooning a large open space, a corner-nook for a sense of  privcy and personal space.

Simple geometrical shapes fit together to define Ala’s faceted concave surface. Ala was developed by following a curved line along the supporting plane and thereby impacting along the diagonal lines. The basic geometry is stable if turned upside down as well. Ala screen has two varaitions to accomodate either growing leftwards or rightwards.


The object is compact and solid, yet transparent and light. The screen is hand made using Manau, Batang and Rattan core, it’s sold in either raw, natural painted, painted aniline finishes.

Below are some shots taken on the Vittorio Bonacina display at the Salone…

Studiocharlie was formed in 2002 by Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Forget and Vittorio Turley.

Studiocharlie works in the fields of visual communication, typface development and product design.

Special Project

Studiocharlie was Invited to Participate at the Milan Design Week, in an event created by Mondadori and RCS MediaGroup.

Five design studios were selected by the art director of the project – Giulio Iacchetti  to create a welcoming and suggestive installation in five different design hotels around the city of Milan.  The selected hotels to accomodate these projects were the  Boscolo, Exedra, Hotel Straf, Starhotels Rosa Grand Hotel and Maison Moschino Nhow.

Studiocharlie created the installation “Round Table” for the Grand Starhotels Rosa Milan

Round Table is a huge table positioned in the middle of the lobby of the Grand Starhotels Rosa Milan, where guests of the hotel, can sit, relax and while sharing the typical ritual of a good Italian espresso they can communicate and talk about their experiences during the Salone.

The “Round Table” installation was generated from the observation of the great variety of people who attend the hotel: in a symbolic way the chairs are all different from one another, but they all meet around the big table in the common space of the hotel lobby.

The chairs, selected were reduced in height to be more suited for a relaxing usage and they were all painted turquoise to match the big table inthe centre. The big table was created by joining other chairs reduced in height which were without their backs.

The installation is completed by two ” wing ” rattan screens designed by Vittorio Bonacina, which follow the circular shape of the big table. The Ala screens, thanks to thier concave shape and semi-transparent texture, protect the habitat, defining a cozy and intimate space, thereby inviting conviviality amongts the guests..

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