Kreon @ Light and Build, Frankfurt  2010

Kreon @ Light and Build, Frankfurt 2010

Kreon‘s 300 sqm booth ( their largets to date ) was extremely successful having received thousands of visitors from 77 different countries.

Traditionally cautious regarding alternative light sources, Kreon now feels confident to turn a good portion of its collection available to LED sources. This decision follows our successful applications of LEDs in our Tenno ceiling solution and our brand new release Nuit.

Besides the profusion of LEDs in our collection, state-of-the-art lenses of Tenno and Aplis also prove Kreon to be more and more focused on the technology inside its fixtures, while still being able to keep loyal to the traditional architectural design aesthetics that has made Kreon recognisable all over the world.

These advances towards technical lighting entitles Kreon to open a dialogue with another category of customers: lighting designers. We are willing to be confronted with this new challenging period and all its intrinsic peculiar requests.


Kreon’s Ceiling Solutions, pushed by the star of Tenno but also by a brand new catalogue, filled with beautiful applications, is finally reaching a new positioning in the market, with its highly and inimitable integrated solutions.

Tools of Light and Ceiling Solutions allow Kreon to fulfil with great pride the niches of technical and architectural lighting and integrated solutions.

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