Event > Dorothy Caldwell : Public Lecture

Event > Dorothy Caldwell : Public Lecture

Out of the Ordinary: Textiles in the Everyday   @  College of Fine Arts, Sydney

One of the wonderful qualities of cloth is that it wears out, breaks down and is continuously being re-made into  something new. Stitching, mending and patching create a sur face of unintended beauty and the sense of “lives lived”.

It is from these ordinary practices that Dorothy Caldwell has developed the vocabulary of marks that she uses in the making of her large fabric constructions. The talk will address this aspect of traditional textiles and how it has been used as a basis for Caldwell’s work.

Thursday April 29th 7pm

Cnr Oxford Street & Greens Rd,  Paddington, Sydney,

Main Lecture Theatre, EG02

Free and open to the public

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