Kreon Tools of Light @ Salone Milan 2016

Kreon Tools of Light @ Salone Milan 2016

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The recent renovation of Kreon’s Tortona area offices in Milan made this space the perfect translation of the Kreon identity.

A minimal, yet architectural line where proportions and the precise relation between colour and surfaces are realized.

Kreon’s Milan showroom will be used few times a year for exhibitions of external creativity.

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Beauty is not created by adding one more detail, it is conceived by removing the last.




Kreon Tools of Light 2016 – Novelties





cana 1

Cana, creating rhythms and patterns

Cana is a recessed mounted channel to add architectural features in the ceiling plane.

By cutting slots in the ceiling, Cana emphasizes the thickness of the ceiling while black internal cover plates make the impression there is a void beyond. Within the channel compositions of light, shape and color can be created.

Available in various widths, 40 – 80 – 120, Cana is a versatile profile system that can offer countless lighting solutions with best in class LED technology. Round or square shaped, fully adjustable downlights can be placed anywhere in the Cana profile.

According to the needs of the project, beam angle, CRI and dim protocol can be chosen while the lumen package is in relation with the width of the profile.

cana 40

To add more flexibility, the slim Cana 40 profile range is expanded with a surface mounted or pendant mounted option. Also a Ligna LED line is added for linear lighting.

Holon 80 directional projector luminaire can easily be fitted into the Cana 80 channel.

This is a great feature for accent lighting.

cana 120

Cana can be used in projects of all kinds. Cana 40 can be used in residential projects, while Cana 80 and 120 are a perfect fit for hospitality, shop or office projects.

With this range, the lighting designer receives a fully customizable tool for pure architectural lighting.



Diapason Re-invented


A quarter of a century after the design classic “Diapason” was launched by Kreon, the timeless piece in lighting design takes a turn for the future to meet today’s requirements in modern LED technology.

Its characteristic design is distilled, without losing touch with its original strong form language derived from the elegant contours of a tuning-fork, nor by compromising its versatile gyroscopic principle.

This allows the luminaire to tilt and rotate freely, in order to easily highlight architectural details.

Diapason is redesigned exclusively for LED lightsources and offers great flexibility to fit the needs of your project. Different colour temperatures and CRI characteristics will be available and the light effect can be customised with a variety of lenses, glare preventors and the best performing optics.

Diapason no longer comes in just two sizes, but the product range will be extended with a third, smaller luminaire: Diapason 40, allowing a wide variety of applications in residential projects, hospitality and retail applications.


First of all, Diapason 80 will be launched.

Followed by the smaller Diapason 40 and the largest of the range: Diapason 120.





Minimalistic twigs sprouting from floors and ceilings Esprit, is a slim-lined projector with one or two adjustable lamp heads equipped withwarm colour LEDs and a CRI variety ensuring an output of 200lm each.

The lamp head can be rotated 355° and placed in any random angle from 0° to 90°.

The luminaire is available in white or black as a ceiling mounted spotlight with a discrete circular base or as a free-standing luminaire with a rectangular base.

The base comes in white carrara marble or natural blue steel.





Fuga is a pendant lighting fixture that reclaims the creativity of the architect to interact with the surrounding space.

Combining the abstract geometric language of the single Fuga unit creates an independent, autonomous form – an object.

With its slim profile dimensions and flexible product lay-out, a fascinating almost tragic tension between the closed, ceiling mounted and pendant, illuminated profiles is created. At the same time, a relational space develops between the object and architecture.

The lower horizontal bar includes an LED-strip with diffuser for a homogenous light output.

This bar can be repositioned to an offset position or in the middle of the vertical bar.

The additional possibility to rotate the lower horizontal bar makes Fuga a dynamic pendant luminaire.





Maximum light experience in minimal form Holon’s timeless design enables this fitting to find application in a vast range of projects.

The range includes two sizes 40 and 80, both available in fixed and adjustable versions.

Holon is designed to use the best LEDs and optics to guarantee solutions for highlighting objects or enhancing spaces.

holon 40

The smaller version, Holon 40, is the appropriate fixture for residential projects.

Holon 80 is suitable for spaces where the demands on light performance are higher.

holon 80

holon 80 b

With a perfect light quality and top performance, this range is a solution for a large number of lighting tasks.





Raga, every piece comes with an identity

By combining an in-depth knowledge of stone craft traditions with an empathy for the material and a concern for its lighting function, Raga becomes a product of high-object integrity.

It’s a distinguished lighting object with simple functional honesty that connects with a visual purity and a strong stylistic authenticity in it’s materialisation making each product unique.

The sensitive handling of the natural material and the promotion of the basic forms make Raga a defining feature of Kreon’s newly designed outdoor luminaires.





Wabi is an outdoor projector for residential projects.

This small luminaire is available with a 230V LED lightsource, a 40° beamangle and a colour temperature of either 2700K or 3000K. An optional straight glare preventor can be ordered separately.

The lamp head can be turned 360° and inclined up to 90°. The inclination of the luminaire can be set easily by using the marks indicated on the fixture and is lockable.

With the use of the optional installation accessories, this small luminaire is suitable for installation on a wide range of outdoor surfaces, like concrete, gravel and soil.



Ceiling Solutions 2016




Rytmi, from composition to structural solution

Ceilings usually have an indistinctive character in the space surrounding us.

In daily life, as well as in architecture, they are seldom noticed. Kreon Ceiling Solutions (CS) aims to make these anonymous surfaces come alive and do more than just span a room. With the new ceiling concept, Rytmi, Kreon CS focuses on adding rhythm to a space and inducing a composition of mechanisms.

Rytmi is a distinctive modular linear ceiling system with the unique attribute that it allows for the integration of building service components that are required to provide a technical functionality to the ceiling surface.

The distance between the blades can be chosen to accommodate the specific requirements of the project, and facilitate the application of click-in tiles with specific service attributes in customized sizes providing a freedom of choice that gives the designer the opportunity to create a functional and desirable rhythm across the ceiling surface.

Rytmi gives clarity of form by expressing its linearity with deep finishing of the extruded blades in anodised black or natural anodised as standard and a choice of special finishes to order.

The integration of lighting is simple within the Rytmi ceiling system.

The new Cana 40, 80 or 120 system of Kreon have been designed to integrate perfectly between the blades of the Rytmi system to provide discreet accent and display lighting functions.

For applications where a higher degree of ambient lighting is required, Rytmi can integrate the Skytile concept – a uniform luminous and illuminating layer in a convenient modular arrangement.

Acoustic control functionality has been addressed by the possibility to incorporate sound absorbing materials between the blades in concealed cassettes or as a visual element.

Other services such as cooling, heating, emergency lighting, speakers, sprinklers and control sensors can all be integrated within the Rytmi ceiling system to provide a tailor made solution to suit the most demanding of applications.





Synchronize with nature

The ideal working circumstances are no longer a matter of bringing the right light source with the right amount of lumen in a specific work space for specific types of labour , with appropriate glare rates and dimming protocols.

Although still needed and cost effective they are not sufficient anymore.

With Kreon’s Skytile, based upon Human Centric Lighting principles, you can in addition to the cost effectiveness increase performance, enhance visual acuity and improve mood preference, energy savings and sustainability.

sun daylight evolution

benefits of skytile

Skytile can be programmed to follow natures natural lighting cycle, ranging from low light levels and colour temperatures in the morning, high levels at mid-day and again lower during the evening and night.

We spend most of our working time indoors at constant light levels and fixed CCT.

Skytile allows you to synchronize with your internal clock, stimulating alertness and stress responsiveness and helps you feel less nervous.



Kreon New Headquarters

kreon head office concept

This year Kreon will open its new global headquarters in Opglabbeek, Belgium.

The design of the 3,000m2 building is the brainchild of Kreon’s art director ( Kristof Pyke) , who has been responsible for capturing and conveying the philosophy in anything at Kreon for the last 15 years.

kreon head office april 2016

Creativity and technical resolve are at the heart of Kreon culture and this has been reflected in the planning of the new building where particular attention is focused on zones for research and development, and state-of-the-art photometry.

The scale of the new building provides an opportunity to showcase the entire Kreon range in the functional and architectural way that it is intended.

This allows full expression of the “Tools of Light” and “Ceiling Solutions” product families.

kreon hq

The increased space has allowed the integration of all internal operations under one roof which will facilitate increased interaction and communication between departments and customers.

Kreon sees this as a milestone in the history of the organisation and holds it as fantastic opportunity to communicate and inspire employees and customers alike.

A space where ideas can blossom and flourish.

kreon hq 2



Kreon acquires Belux


Effective 1st of January 2016, Kreon became the new owner of Belux, the renowned Swiss based designer and manufacturer of sophisticated lighting solutions.

Founded in Switzerland in 1970 , Belux has worked together with such prominent international designers as Frank Gehry, Naoto Fukasawa, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Herzog & de Meuron and Hella Jongerius to develop and produce a range of remarkable, poetic designs including Cloud, Lantern, Jingzi and Blossom.

Belux represents an ideal addition to the Belgian lighting expert and will enrich the company in many areas.

Kreon plans to maintain the brand name, product strategy and orientation of Belux and will operate in the market with the dual brands Kreon and Belux.

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