Kreon @ Light & Build 2012

Kreon @ Light & Build 2012

Transparent and open, welcoming and communicative, and with a confidence characterised by concise forms and a dominant bulkhead that edges the stand, wass how Kreon presented itself at Light+Building 2012. In Kreon’s customary philosophy – the light fittings disappeared into their surroundings and concentrated an atmosphere of high architectural quality, integrating seamlessly with the spatial effect of the exhibition stand’s structure.

Visitors to the 300 sq mtrs Kreon stand at this year’s fair were introduced to the “Diversity of Light”, with an interpretation of the “Up-Side-Down” technique via —  “Up” (Up Outdoor range IP67 rated) /“Side” (Rei ) / “Down” (Aplis and Down)  &  “Wallwashing” techniques via — (Rei, Aplis/Down 165 and Aplis in-line/Down in-line)

Comparisons between LED technologies were explained and the visual experiences of tunable white LED were explored (Tenno). The integration of dimmable, upgraded LED technology modules in general downlights and directional spotlights (Erubo).

The “digitalization of light” in buildings has made a great deal of progress in recent years. Cutting-edge technology has spawned numerous new products, not just in terms of design and comfort in buildings and rooms, but also as regards energy costs and safety in residential and commercial buildings. The new technology opens up possibilities for realising efficient visual comfort to a previously unattainable level.

With lm/W ratios up to 110lm/W, Kreon showed ecological and economical sustainable lighting solutions that are cost-efficient for both building owners and operators.

Kreon Reception area furniture 2012

Kreon presented sofas and chairs from Finnish/American designer Eero Saarinen.

The sofa was conceived for the reading rooms and student lounges of the University of Chicago Law School, the single or multiple seats sofa is part of the furnishings designed by Eero Saarinen and destined to The Law School and to the Women’s Residence Halls, the two buildings which he had been commissioned to design and which both opened in 1959.

Like most of Saarinen’s projects, the design develops around one central theme which, in this case, is the separation of the sofa’s backs.

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  1. LED Spotlight - May 4, 2012

    The sofa was conceived for the reading rooms and student lounges of the University of Chicago Law School,

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