Gaia & Gino “Sparkling” again @ Salone Milan 2012

Gaia & Gino “Sparkling” again @ Salone Milan 2012

Harry Allen, architect of New York, has created a vase in glass : Black Swan. The idea is that every six months a designer re-dresses the vase in various way, so as to grow the collection like a collaborative project

Gaia & Gino – the Istanbul-based company renowned throughout the world of interiors for their creative inventiveness – teamed up ( for a second time ) with Swarovski Elements to create Sparkling, a – strictly and proudly “made in Turkey” – project that pairs materials and craft methods with the Austrian company’s innovative crystals.

Making his debut as an industrial designer, David Adjaye decided to experiment with a traditional material, copper, which in Turkey is normally only used by artisans to produce traditional designs

“We had to teach craftspeople to create contemporary pieces. It took us five months because David Adjaye‘s pieces are hard to make”, explains Gaye Cevikel, the founder of Gaia & Gino. The result is Star, a set of three sculpturally shaped vases embellished with Swarovski chaton crystals, glued one by one to the inside, and Dorado Crystal Fabric.

Designer the Turkish Defne Koz, to its second collaboration with Gaia & Gino, has designed Cut, a glass vase that hides all

‘Sparkling’ is set to dazzle, with new items of startling beauty that are destined to grace the most sophisticated of modern interiors. These gracefully shimmering vases are sure to be a high point not just of this year’s Salone del Mobile, but also for years to come, coveted by all devotees of high-quality interior objets d’art.

Via Sant’ Andrea 17.

For this project, Gaia & Gino and Swarovski inspired three talented designers to reach for new heights of creativity:

Defne Koz, one of today’s most respected Turkish designers on the international scene, draws on her distinctive combination of Turkish and Italian cultures to express a unique design language based on the sensory qualities of materials.

Here, her choice of Crystal Rocks accentuates the sensual appeal of her sophisticated ‘Cut Collection’ vases.

David Adjaye, a leading architect of his generation described as possessing an artist’s sensibility and vision, says of his own collection: “The Star Collection consists of two vessels, a vase and a bowl, that are architectural studies in the geometry of paired triangles. Playing with the geometry both on plan and in elevation, the objects are lined with black crystals, while the exteriors are perfectly smooth. This inversion creates an elemental quality that comes alive as the crystals subtly catch the light from within.”

Harry Allen, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary designer whose work can be seen among permanent collections in many museums, rounds out this high-profile trio with his ‘Gaia’ vases, designed so as to be ‘dressed’ on the inside or outside by flowers, jewelry or other embellishment.

Inspired by Gaye Cevikel, the owner and powerhouse behind Gaia & Gino, the founder and president of Harry Allen Design explained: “She is a truly fashionable woman, and every time you meet her she has a new look. That is where I had the idea for a vase that can be dressed, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the perfect accessory.

About Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Element is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. The designers’ choice since the founding of the company in 1895, Swarovski Element provides creative talents from the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting industries with the latest on-trend innovations.

Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes and sizes, Swarovski Elements offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration. Born out of passion for detail and high-precision cutting, they impart refined glamour to everything they embellish.

These precious ingredients can be recognized through the “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” label, which serves as a certificate of authenticity. It marks products that are made with genuine Swarovski Element.

Swarovski, a family company for more than a hundred years with values rooted in integrity, respect and excellence, is noted as much for its ethics in business as for its contemporary artistry and innovative flair.

About Gaia & Gino

Gaia & Gino is an award-winning luxury interior accessories brand with witty, inventive and story-telling products, designed by luminaires such as Karim Rashid, Arik Levy, Andrée Putman, Yves Béhar and Sebastian Bergne.

The company is founded in 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey and Gaia & Gino products are available worldwide through luxury and design retailers.

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