Ben Vaessen from Kreon @ dedece

Ben Vaessen from Kreon @ dedece

ben vaessen

Dedece was honoured with a visit by Kreon‘s Mgr Director – Ben Vaessen, to present Kreon’s latest lamp applications and lighting solutions to a small gathering of specialist Lighting Engineers and Consultants from Sydney and Melbourne.

Ben discussed the latest developments in LED lamp technologies and showed how they were being adopted into the Kreon lighting and Kreon ceiling solutions, philosphies and product collections.


Kreon epitomises the language of form in present-day architecture, an architecture based on right angles and lines. It is to this same sober architecture that the appliances owe their universal and timeless character. Instead of basing its designs on the form of the lighting devices and the radius of the light they diffuse, Kreon is resolutely determined to choose architecture. Because Kreon bases its work on architectural design, it can enter into dialogue with architecture as an equal partner. Kreon appliances are not foreign elements, but merge with the architecture.

The product has a minimal presence and leaves it to light itself to steal the show. The forms are simple and austere. Kreon lighting appliances are sober and do not monopolise attention. An architect does not want lighting appliances, but light, atmosphere and comfort. Kreon provides the purity in light

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