VOLA’s Round Shower wins German Design Award 2014

VOLA’s Round Shower wins German Design Award 2014

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The German Design Award has an excellent reputation and public image.

This is also down to the reputation of its organizer, the German Design Council, which has been representing and supporting the German design industry with its expertise in all questions relating to design for 60 years now.

Winning a German Design Award on the occasion of the anniversary of the German Design Council is especially significant – it stands for 60 years of design culture. –  see http://www.german-design-council.de/en/60-years-design-culture.html

vola round shower

Uniquely refreshing – visibly VOLA –  the Round shower is the latest evolution in VOLA‘s highly-acclaimed Round Series.

What makes the VOLA Round shower distinctive ?  That’s simple. Its visual language !  It clearly belongs to the VOLA range.

The Round Shower takes the special elements of our design language as its starting point to create an entirely new product. It plays with existing lines to produce a fresh and aesthetically-pleasing geometrical form. The Round shower is effortlessly elegant

A bathroom should be an area of total departure from the stresses of modern life. One where purity and harmony free the mind and senses. In response to this, the Round Series takes the circle – already a key feature of VOLA design – as its focus.

VOLA believes in continuity. VOLA’s unique products all take their proportions from the classic Arne Jacobsen tap specially designed for us more than 40 years ago. That’s why they work together so naturally.

Like all VOLA products, it keeps its technical parts subtly hidden from view.

Made from the finest materials and produced in Denmark to the highest ISO 14001 environmental standards, it combines long-lasting quality with timeless beauty.


But continuity isn’t enough at VOLA.  They also celebrate innovation.

Building on this soothing form, its first two products were the round waste bin RS1 and the round paper tissue dispenser RS2 in 2011. Both are discreetly efficient. Both are represented by a pure circle built into the wall

In living spaces that demand total cohesion between architecture and design, the Round Series provides a harmonious solution: with each product creating visual echoes of the next.

And each also making a reference point to the VOLA taps and other accessories in the room.

VOLA is about the customer – and about the ultimate destination for each product. That’s why the new Round shower comes in several configurations and finishes to suit personal tastes and desired effects.

In the wall-mounted model, the relationships between the two cylindrical forms – one horizontal, one vertical – and the shower ring itself, carefully mirror classic VOLA design proportions.

The VOLA Round shower was designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne.

It can be ceiling- or wall-mounted

vola round 3

It can be finished in soft chrome, or in sharp-edged brushed stainless steel as well as a variety of different colours.

The core design element of the Round Series is a narrow ring. The Round shower adopts the same element, clearly visible from the side.

The narrow 3-mm space between the ring and shower plate makes it visually lighter and adds precision to the form.

vola round

The shower plate has 18 lines which fan out from the centre, each holding 12 rubber nozzles. The nozzles are drawn back into the form, contributing to its elegant appearance.

In the brushed stainless steel model, the material has been brushed by hand in a circular motion to echo the ringed form.

We offer our customers the choice of several different flows. The Round-head shower can deliver 24 litres or 15 litres of water per minute at 3 bar pressure – to suit all bathing preferences.

Sustainability is important to VOLA.

Vola believes that water conservation is only one part of a holistic approach to reducing energy consumption.

This is not the first shower to be designed and manufactured by VOLA.

It is our however Vola’s first ever round shower –  That’s what makes it special.

vola round 2

It is a natural extension of the VOLA range.

And it means a luxury bathroom can now be totally VOLA, combining chosen elements from our award winning Round Series.

Where should it be seen ? In pride of place in any interior where elegance, luxury and simplicity are key.

At VOLA we contribute by manufacturing products that last for generations.

At VOLA we take pride in the continuity of our design language. But we also celebrate novelty and innovation with each new product. More than forty years since the first VOLA tap was born, our designs are still receiving recognition from the industry.

Here is a selection of our other recent accolades:

• GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2013 (German Design Council) – for the built-in waste bin RS1

• GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011 (The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design) – for the built-in waste bin RS1

• PLUS X AWARD – Best Product of the Year 2011 in its category/seals of approval in Innovation, Design and Functionality – for the Round Series

• GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2009 (The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design) – for the towel warmer T39, and the free-standing shower FS3

• GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2007 (The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design) – for the free-standing bath filler FS1

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