Moleskine Smart Writing @ Salone Milan 2016

Moleskine Smart Writing @ Salone Milan 2016

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Moleskine presented its newly released “Writing Set” at Base, in the former Ansaldo Industrial building, in the heart of the Tortona district,

Base is the new Milanese centre for culture and creativity with co-working spaces, events and workshops enclosed in 6000 sq mtrs of former industrial space. An eco-system which puts the culture at the centre of decision processes, as a key to understand and interpret the world and its evolutions

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Milan Design Week transforms the city, where the Moleskine brand was born, into an open-air feast of creativity.

This year Moleskine is celebrating the Milan Design Week with a series of workshops, storytelling activities and experiences tied to the launch of the Smart Writing Set – a new way to organize your time and ideas created by Moleskine.

moleskine salone milan 2016

The “Writing Set” system consists of –

A Paper Tablet designed by Giulio Iacchetti, a paper notebook with rounded edges that make it look like a tablet, and a special card that allows the digitization of writings and drawings;

A Moleskine Pen, thin aluminum and equipped with a tiny camera that is capable of digitizing what we draw on paper and

Moleskine Notes App, the application that allows you to save, share, edit, search, and export our notes and sketches.

Three elements that are integrated with one another to offer a whole new experience.

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Design Week in comic books and the strange sense of guilt

Presented during the Milan Design Week , Moleskine gave cartoonist Emanuele Rosso a Writing Set and commissioned her to use her drawing skills to tell the Milan Salone 2016 story

It came out on the boards that could be seen in the gallery – a story in twelve pages of an event that now involves almost an entire city


moleskine base anslado salone milan 2016


moleskine workshop salone milan 2016

During Design Week, the public could personally test the set to the Smart Writing Centre at BASE (ex-Ansaldo) and participate in a series of workshops dedicated to writing and note-taking visual, between analog and digital

Every day a special guest, compared the evolution of writing, starting from their own personal professional dimension, to tell their Salone story.

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Tuesday 12, 3pm #sketchnoting : Mauro Toselli – Free your notes to free your mind

moleskine mauro tonselli salone milan 2016


Wednesday 13, 3pm #workflow : Ale Giorgini – The art of productivity

moleskine ale giorgini salone milan 2016


Thursday 14, 3pm #innovation : Massimo Temporelli – Bits, atoms and digital revolution

moleskine massimo temporelli


Friday 15, 3pm #storytelling : Zelda was a writer – Six memos of storytelling

moleskine niccol porcelluzzi salone milan 2016


Saturday 16, 3pm #journalism : Nicolò Porcelluzzi – Writing is sharing

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Student Salone Coverage

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The experience extends to the Moleskine Store in Via Dante and the Central Station, where every day will be an exhibition with the best #M_SmartNotes shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Fuori Salone as seen by young reporters illustrators who, armed with pen and paper, they turn for hunting districts of suggestions.

To organize the event Moleskine lent Paper tablets to students from the Milan Politecnico

The result is a story of the great celebration of design, including objects, locations, characters, maps, lists and thoughts, collected in a gallery of sketches

moleskine via dante salone milan 2016

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