“Round Series” by Vola

“Round Series” by Vola

“Celebrating continuity – celebrating change” – VOLA translates its “design DNA”  into new products for the bathroom.

The founder of VOLA, Verner Overgaard introduced the idea of hiding the technical parts in the wall.

This idea is taken as the starting point also for the Round Series. The circle as a geometrical shape is a key element of the VOLA design, and with the new products the circle is translated into new dimensions. Based on the classic VOLA design the new products have a ring enclosing a cylinder. The finishes of the ring in either high-polished chrome or brushed stainless steel combined with the fronts in white or black – or for larger projects in any colour – create the reference to the VOLA taps and accessories in the room. For later renovations the fronts can be replaced if another colour is preferred.

Officially launching at the ISH fair in Frankfurt ( Mar 15 -19 ) will be vola’s first release products in the new “Round Series” collection, a bathroom waste bin and paper tissue dispenser, both designed for use in bathrooms of prestigious houses and luxury apartments, as well as hotels, restaurants, office buildings and cultural destinations such as galleries, museums and theatres.

True to tradition, the VOLA waste bin is unobtrusive, with the less aesthetically pleasing elements built into the wall. It can be opened by gently pushing the front with a hand or knee. The open / close mechanism is smooth and silent. The built-in waste bin will hold up to 30 tissues while the retro-fit version is available in two sizes holding from 60 to 250 tissues. The built-in waste bin can be mounted near floor level for use as a sanitary towel bin. The bin is easy to empty and with no floor contact, need not be moved for cleaning.

The second new member of the VOLA family is the paper tissue holder. The cylinder holds up to 100 paper tissues. A concealed spring makes sure the tissues are always pushed to the front. Washroom staff can easily see if the dispenser needs refilling and new paper tissues can be simply inserted by pulling the cylinder forward.

With its new modular design concept of a built-in waste-bin and paper tissue holder VOLA offers new creative possibilities to work with space and materials in the bathroom. By combining the texture and colour of the wall and the choice of finish of the outer rings and colour of the front plate the architect or interior designer can create individual and extraordinary design solutions.

Mogens Kristensen and Torben Madsen from Aarhus Arkitekerne, designers of the new Vola Round Series

The first VOLA taps were designed in 1968 by Arne Jacobsen for the National Bank of Denmark. VOLA taps and mixers have now been produced in Denmark for more than 40 years. The traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and the most modern engineering technology ensure the highest standard of precision and quality finishing.

The Round Series is designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S.

Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S is a Danish architectural firm with offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. With its’ approximately 60 employees it is among the 20 largest architectural firms in Denmark. One of its’ main fields of activity is building hospitals in Denmark as well as abroad. Town halls, concert buildings, schools, shopping centers, domiciles are included in their portfolio as well.

When Mogens Kristensen and Torben Madsen were designing the VOLA Academy, they were asked to design a new series of free-standing mixers as well as a new towel warmer and now the Round Series has been unveiled.

vola academy designed by aarhus arkitekterne

Vola Academy

The VOLA Academy is designed as an addition to VOLA’s existing headquarters, performing as a showroom and trainee center. The design of the building is based on the minimalist vocabulary of VOLA’s products, featuring a simplistic and stylish architectural language.

The main corpus of the building can be described as an open steel frame with glazed gables, resting on a concrete base. On the front of the building, the base transforms in to stairs, allowing access to the building and shaping the sloped seating of the auditorium. In conjunction to the main building corpus, two freestanding steel frames or triumphal arches are located, marking the entrance to the building and creating a visual play of light and shadow. A similar holistic design attitude prevails on the interior of the building. The plan layout is characterized by great flexibility and functionality. Details are well thought through and the simplistic interiors are characterized by perfectionism and a firm design attitude. The building contains a double high auditorium, four conference rooms and a double high “museum corridor”, featuring built-in showcases in the raw concrete walls, displaying an array of Vola products. Offices are located on a mezzanine above the conference rooms.

A beautiful and decorative light seeps down through the windows which are located as slivers in an irregular pattern in the facade. The material selection of glass and wood is a great contrast to the raw concrete construction, opposing the light and minimalist feel of the interiors. Architectural features and selection of materials which emphasize characteristics of an exclusive and Nordic design language, a design ideology prevalent in VOLA‘s products.

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