Vola Continuity @ Salone Milan 2014

Vola Continuity @ Salone Milan 2014

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VOLA belongs to the generation of design icons from the Golden Age of Danish Design.

The first VOLA taps were designed in 1968 by the Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen who designed the famous chairs EGG and SWAN chairs among others.

Vola introduced their latest award-winning VOLA designs for debut at the Salone del Mobili this week

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VOLA founder Verner Overgaard introduced the idea of revealing only the elegant parts of a product to the user. His designs carefully hide the mechanical parts in the wall.

The result is solutions that are both functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Based on their philosophy “Celebrating continuity celebrating change” VOLA continues to introduce new innovative designs.

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All the new VOLA products have been designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne.

The circle was also chosen as point of departure for the new VOLA Round Shower 060 that was awarded GOOD DESIGN Award 2013 and German Design Award 2014

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VOLA‘s key words are aesthetics, innovation, and functionality.

These words are reflected in the two new products in the award-winning VOLA Round Series:

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VOLA new hands-free concept including a built-in soap dispenser RS10, that has just received the Interior Innovation Award 2014.

The built-in soap dispenser, is part of VOLA’s complete hands-free solution for restrooms, including the electronic hands-free soap dispenser and cistern flush.

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Like the other elements, the electronic soap dispenser and cistern flush are built-in and beautifully aligned to the wall. But they are also completely contact-free, using the latest technology to provide a totally clean and relaxing experience

Now the smartest corporate offices, restaurants, hotel foyers, museums, galleries and concert halls can offer their washroom visitors the total versatility of VOLA.

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In 2009 VOLA launched its new concept of built-in modular heated towel rail for central heating installations but now the award-winning VOLA towel warmer is also available for electric connection

VOLA launched its built-in modular heated towel rail for individual design solutions, a modular system of bars that could be positioned according to customer requirements.

It is designed as a flexible system of bars which can be combined in number and location as to fit any given interior design or tiles arrangement. This concept allows maximum freedom and provides a perfect design solution for any modern bathroom.

In line with the VOLA trademark style, the new towel warmer is a built-in unit where all the technical units are hidden behind the wall.

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vola,s iconic KV1 and HV1 taps


Recent Awards

The heated towel rails VOLA T39 has received the GOOD DESIGN Award 2009.

The free-standing shower VOLA FS3 has received the GOOD DESIGN Award 2009

The free-standing bath filler VOLA FS1 has received the GOOD DESIGN Award 2007.

The built-in waste bin VOLA RS1 has so far received three international design awards: Plus X Award 2011, GOOD DESIGN Award 2011 and German Design Award 2013.

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