Paula Arntzen @ Woonbeurs

Paula Arntzen @ Woonbeurs

Woonbeurs is an innovative design event held in the Netherlands, featuring the the latest trends in home decor and accessories.

On show at Woonbeurs in Amsterdam were Artecnica’s new monumental lights series ‘Nouveaux Royal’  comprising –  Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and La Couronne  –  by Dutch designer Paula Arntzen

They were released as part of US-based design firm Artecnica’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection and will be available to buy later next month.

The lightness and dramatic shaping of these lights explore the limits of the Tyvek material.

Born in 1980, Paula studied traditional furniture making at HMC in Amsterdam before tackling a Product Design course at ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem and is now based in Arnhem where she has her own design studio.

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