The Good Design Awards Showcase @ Vivid Sydney 2017

The Good Design Awards Showcase @ Vivid Sydney 2017

The Good Design Festival is a celebration of excellence in design and innovation and brings together the annual Good Design Awards Ceremony and After Party, Young Australian Design Awards, Good Design Showcase and the Good Design Exchange Talks.

Aligned to Vivid Sydney, now the world’s biggest festival of light, music and ideas, the Good Design Festival showcases the best in product and industrial design, architectural design, digital and communication design, design strategy, service design and social innovation.

Attracting more than 10,000 visitors last year, the 2017 Good Design Festival promises to be one of the biggest celebrations of design, innovation and creativity this year.

With a proud history dating back to 1958, the Good Design Awards is Australia’s most prestigious Award for design and innovation.

Australia’s Good Design Awards recognises the exemplary achievements of designers from around the world, from all walks of life, and across different age groups.

The Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the Australian market, excellence in architectural design, digital and communication design and reward emerging areas of design including business model innovation, social innovation and design entrepreneurship.

An independent judging panel of 35 Australian and international design experts selected a shortlist of 244 finalists, before announcing the winners on June 8 at a black tie gala night at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Presented by Good Design Australia, the Good Design Showcase is an interactive exhibition featuring the finalists and winners of this year’s Good Design Awards and Young Australian Design Awards.

Showcasing the best of the design spectrum through Architectural Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Digital Design, Communication Design and design for social good.

An open exhibition of the finalist entries is showcased at the Overseas Passenger Terminal from 9-11 June, giving the general public an opportunity to get their hands on the products and concepts in contention to receive Australia’s highest honour for design innovation.

Dr Brendan Gien


The Australian Good Design Awards attracted innovative entries from all corners of the world and the standard of submissions this year has really been incredible,”

This is one of the few design award programs in the world where design and innovation are celebrated so broadly. This year’s Good Design® Selections represent excellence in design across the widest spectrum of design including Product Design, Service Design, Architectural Design, Design Strategy, Digital and Communication Design and Social Innovation,” …………….. Dr. Brandon Gien ( CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Good Design Awards program.)



What makes these Awards so unique is the diversity of design projects that are submitted. No other design award program in the world provides a framework where projects are evaluated across product design, service design, architectural design, digital design, communication design, design strategy and social innovation. The Judges are certainly going to have their work cut out for them” ……………………..Dr. Gien



hyundai i30



Design for a better Australia and a better world…

Design for a better Australia and a more prosperous world.

Posted by Good Design Australia on Sunday, 21 June 2015



About the Good Design Awards

One of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.

Managed by Good Design Australia, Australia’s Good Design Awards proudly promotes the very best in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level.

From a credible, trusted independent platform, the Good Design Awards showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and design disciplines.

Through the Good Design Awards and other design promotion initiatives, Good Design Australia is passionate about helping to create a better Australia and a more prosperous and sustainable world through design.

Entries to the Good Design Awards are accepted in the following categories:

1. Product Design
2. Service Design
3. Digital Design
4. Communication Design
5. Architectural Design
6. Social Innovation
7. Design Strategy

The Good Design Awards Evaluation Criteria has been carefully developed and refined over many years resulting in a rigorous set of evaluation criteria being developed for specific design disciplines.

The 2017 Good Design Awards has attracted the broadest and most diverse range of submissions in the program’s history with entries across seven main design disciplines and spanning 25 individual categories.



ABC Good Design Presentation

Presenter Jonathan Green
Producer Maria Louise Tickle



Good Design Awards 2017 – Overall Winners


The Jury was asked to select the Good Design Award Best in Category winners, Good Design Award Best Overall, Good Design Award for Sustainability and the coveted Good Design Award of the Year – the highest design honour in the country, given to only one project in the Awards each year.

For the first time, the overall winner of the coveted Good Design of the Year Award is a tie between two finalists: Brisbane-based design consultancy Aurecon and Wellington-based digital design agency Chrometoaster.



Product Design > Commercial and Industrial

Entry: Flood Resilient and Accessible Ferry Terminals for Brisbane

Applicant: Aurecon

Description:  The Flood Resilient and Accessible Ferry Terminals for Brisbane, offers a better way to make critical transport infrastructure more flood resilient while allowing travellers to better celebrate the river. The innovative ferry terminal was designed following the devastating floods in Brisbane in 2011. During a flood, the gangway floats, automatically detaches and swings away from the pontoon.

Jury comments: An excellent example of a multi-disciplinary design collaboration that has resulted in a truly innovative and game changing project. Every detail of this project has been meticulously designed and engineered with the end user in mind. A truly ground-breaking design-innovation that has the potential to be adapted and used all over the world.



Product Design > Sport and Lifestyle

Entry: Game of Awesome

Applicant: Chrometoaster

Description:  Game of Awesome is a card game designed to inspire year 5 to 8 students to write creative stories while increasing their literacy levels.

It makes game play truly fun, with content pitched to the children’s taste and using gross, random, ordinary, scary and daring idea cards as prompts.

The cares are also packed with illustrations that reflect colloquial NZ humour.

Jury comments: Best in class design from every aspect.

Not only is this a beautifully designed object from a product design perspective, it is helping our educate our younger generation in a very unique and innovate way.

Love this thing!






Architectural Design > Commercial and Residential Architecture

Entry: Sargood on Collaroy

Applicant: WMK Architecture



Architectural Design > Interior Design

Entry: TVNZ Television Network Centre Refurbishment

Applicant: Warren and Mahoney Architects



Architectural Design > Urban Design and Public Spaces

Entry: Hassett Park

Applicant: Jane Irwin Landscape Architect



Architectural Design > Urban Design and Public Spaces

Entry: Tonsley Innovation District Urban Design and Public Spaces

Applicant: Oxigen





Communication Design > Advertising

Entry: The 2 Litre Towel

Applicant: M&C Saatchi Melbourne



Communication Design > Branding and Identity

Entry: LOLO

Applicant: Dongdao Creative Branding Group



Communication Design > Packaging

Entry: Only Good

Applicant: Milk NZ Ltd






Digital Design > App Design

Entry: VEC Voters Voice

Applicant: Conduct



Digital Design > Interface Design

Entry: URSA Mini OS

Applicant: Blackmagic Design



Digital Design > Web Design and Development

Entry: Magna Carta – The Story of our Freedom

Applicant: Deloitte Consulting





Product Design > Automotive and Transport

Entry: Cat ® GRADE with Assist

Applicant: Caterpillar Inc



Product Design > Automotive and Transport

Entry: Tesla Model X

Applicant: Tesla



Product Design > Commercial and Industrial

Entry: Junglefy Breathing Wall

Application: Junglefy

More than just another green wall, Junglefy Breathing Wall is scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds.



Product Design > Consumer Electronics

Entry: Blackmagic DaVinci Micro Panel

Applicant: Blackmagic Design



Product Design > Domestic Appliances

Entry: Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Charcoal Barbeque Range

Applicant: Design + Industry

Description : Two and three-burner die-cast aluminium barbecues with cool-to-touch handles on interchangeable cast-iron flat and grill plates.

Jury’s comments: Beautiful, considered design from every perspective. This is a great example of what professional design can bring to a crowded market segment.



Product Design > Furniture and Lighting

Entry: Eccentric by Rogerseller

Applicant: Rogerseller

Description: A tap mixer designed by Nick Johnston at Rogerseller in partnership with Ram Tapware.

Jury’s comments: This is a beautifully crafted product that surprises and delights. It is clear that the designers were very passionate about creating a truly unique offering in what is a very crowed market



Product Design > Hardware and Building

Entry: HUB.NODE Multi-Function Technology Node for Smart Cities

Applicant: HUB Australasia Pty Ltd



Product Design > Medical and Scientific

Entry: AirMini Sleep Therapy Device

Applicant: ResMed Ltd



Product Design > Medical and Scientific

Entry: Counterflow Centrifuge Device (CFC)

Applicant: Invetech



Product Design > Sport and Lifestyle

Entry: KOMPAN Cross Systems

Applicant: KOMPAN Australia





Social Innovation

Entry: VoteLocal: Helping Kiwis Take Part in the Future of their Cities

Applicant: The Design+Democracy Project, Massey University




The winners of the Young Design Awards are as follows:



Young Australian Design of the Year

Entry: e-motion

Applicant: UNSW Art & Design

e-motion: Smart Clothing For Men That Shows Emotions Through Light Displays

It is a range of e-textile menswear garments designed in a contemporary style that combines street-wear and active-wear. e-motion was developed by a University of New South Wales Art & Design student.


e-motion investigates the use of wearable technology to create a new form of non-verbal communication for males by measuring physiological data from the body and expressing it as dynamic light displays.



Sustainability Award

Entry: Dynamics in Impermanence

Applicant: Nicole Larkin



Innovation Award

Entry: HUG

Applicant: University of New South Wales

HUG: Helping Monitor the Stress Levels of Kids With Autism

Developed by a student at the UNSW, Hug is a system that aids children with autism in self-regulation. The wearable tracker monitors the child’s stress levels, which the carer can keep track off through a mobile app.

The hug shield subsequently guides them through breathing exercises and can be wrapped around the child to comfort them.



Technology Award

Entry: Stride Running Coach

Applicant: University of New South Wales

Stride Running Coach: A Complete Wearable Running Tracker

Heart-Rate monitoring earbuds, wearable Sensor Pod, and Muscle-Tech running tights. Stride Running Coach, developed by a UNSW student, revolutionises the fitness device market through its innovative application of sensor technologies.

It teaches runners to enhance their technique and performance while minimising injury.




Nico Cot

This cot is safe, soft to the touch, and easy to keep clean. It transforms into a toddler bed, and is 100-per-cent recyclable.

Jury’s comments: Excellent quality and solid functionality. This is a very practical and well-resolved product that has been beautifully detailed. It is easy to assemble and provides a safe and comfortable environment for the most precious cargo there is.



Commbi: Aiding Communication Between Hospital Staff, Patients and Their Family and Friends

Developed by an RMIT student, Commbi is a patient-centric communication tool that aims to facilitate three-way communication between hospital staff, patients and their family and friends.



Sports Dry: Allowing Athletes to Dry Their Equipment Efficiently

Sports Dry is a portable solution for managing and drying equipment from perspiration and weather moisture.

Made by an RMIT student, the design was born from the need of over 300 global ice hockey players who requested a product like this.



Scrap Snacks: Turning Food Wastage Into Dog Treats

Another entry from a UNSW student, Scrap Snacks is an at-home system that up-cycles kitchen food scraps into a valuable alternative resource: healthy food for your animals.

Scrap Snacks converts food waste, through an innovative system of blending, extruding and dehydrating, into nutrient rich pet food treats or a supplementary dry food

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