Vivid Ideas @ Vivid Sydney 2014

Vivid Ideas @ Vivid Sydney 2014

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Sydney’s annual celebration of innovation, creativity and community, Vivid Ideas, includes a world renowned program of conferences, workshops, panels, talks, showcases, exhibitions, creative product launches, award presentations and networking functions.

Vivid Ideas will offer over 200 events from over 14 creative industries through industry conferences, key note talks, networking sessions, product launches and workshops. It will include 15 signature events and 12 keynote talks showcasing the best creative talents in different fields.

Vivid Ideas, the industry and business pillar of Vivid Sydney, is taking place from 23 May to 9 June.

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Vivid Ideas is the Asia Pacific’s annual celebration of innovation, creativity and community, building audiences and markets for the creative industries, and offering professional development opportunities across the sector.

Vivid Ideas has quickly become a globally recognised platform for the best and brightest creative minds from Australia and overseas to connect, collaborate and create, and this year’s Vivid Ideas will include 300 speakers at over 180 events showcasing the best creative talent in the market.

From student-focused portfolio sessions, workshops for small-business owners and sole traders; to professional development sessions for those working in the creative sector, and exclusive events for industry leaders and representatives; Vivid Ideas puts Sydney at the forefront of the creative industries sector, fostering collaboration, connection and ideas generation.

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Vivid Ideas is recognised as one of the world’s top ten ideas festivals in the world by the UK’s Guardian newspaper, and brings leading international creatives and thought leaders to Sydney in over 200 creative industry business events.

While functioning as an umbrella for some massive creative industries events — such as Good Design Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Semi-Permanent, Portable Presents, Mumbrella360 and more— Vivid Ideas is still hogging plenty of star speakers and events for its own signature program.

The new program elements to Vivid Ideas 2014 complement a strong line – up of keynotes from international and local luminaries, as well as deep – dive workshops. Highlights include Australian-exclusive talks and events featuring Candy Chang, Ryan Holiday, Sara Critchfield, Skylar Tibbits and director Joshy D of REBEL8.

Six new Vivid Ideas 2014 keynote speakers have been announced today including grandson of Ray and Charles, Eames Demetrios ; renowned scholar, historian and founder of the Big History David Christian CEO and co-founder of EpiBone, the world’s first company growing living human bones for skeletal reconstruction, Nina Tandon digital effects genius Hao Li and guest speakers from Tommorrow’s Toys and Future Shock

Vivid Ideas Festival Director Jess Scully said: “ Whether your passion is design, film and animation, science and technology, gaming, music or photography, Vivid Ideas will have something to inform and inspire”

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New programing for Vivid Ideas by Jess Scully, Vivid Ideas Festival Director in 2014 includes an InConversation series which brings together two creative minds to explore the motivations, challenges and learnings that underpin their creative careers, a new series of Masterclasses – in – depth workshops for small groups to collaborate with Vivid Ideas keynote speakers, Mini conferences to provide in – depth insights into innovation in the creative industries, and an Awards Season with more than five award ceremonies celebrating the best of the creative industries in Australia.

“About 40 per cent of Australia’s creative industries are based in NSW, employing around 148,000 people, however there is scope to grow this area of our State economy , and bringing together the best and brightest creative minds from Australia and overseas through creative forums such as Vivid Ideas is vital.



Vivid Ideas Exchange 2014

Vivid Idea Exchange 2014

The sixth floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Australia is the place to connect with some of the world’s best creative minds at more than 100 events during the Vivid Ideas Exchange.

Collaborating with an even broader range of industries and experts, The Vivid Ideas Exchange 2014, is structured around eight content clusters spanning digital media, design, architecture, animation, fashion, filmmaking, and beyond, with 15 signature events and 12 keynote talks from globally-renowned speakers, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

There will be master classes with global industry thought leaders – including fashion designer Karen Walker, Upworthy editorial director Sara Critchfield and artist Candy Chang – alongside workshops, summits, exhibitions, talks and seminars.

vivid ideas 2014 Candy Chang talk

vivid ideas 2014 Candy Chang talk


Content clusters include –

Audience, Market, Community – On making connections, generating participation and engaging interest.  Key dates: May 24 – 28

The Future of Work – On how we’ll be working in 2020. Key dates: May 27 – 31

Science, R&D and Creative Innovation – On how the creative sector supports inventive, critical thinking.  Key dates: May 28 – June 1

Designing Solutions – On the application of creative problem solving: in business, education, transport, healthcare and beyond. Key dates: May 29 – June 2

DIY & Maker Culture – On how the tools and ideals of hacker culture are transforming manufacturing, media and business. Key dates: May 31 – June 3

vivid ideas 2014 a Cheat's Guide to Getting that thing off the Ground


vivid ideas Candy Chang

vivid ideas Candy Chang


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Unlock You Creativity An Introduction to Shibori Indigo Dyeing01


A range of workshops include 3D Printing and New Generation Technologies to A Cheat’s Guide to Getting that thing off the ground.

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Some of the Vivid Ideas speakers and participants for 2014 talk about their involvement and what Vivid means to them



About Jess Scully, Vivid Ideas Director

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Jess Scully, curator and collaborator of Vivid Ideas, challenges the arts and creative industries to build more interesting, creative and sustainable cities.

As well as spearheading Vivid Ideas for the sixth year running, her current projects include TEDxSydney, Kids Hack Day and directing public art interventions for the City of Sydney and AMP Capital. DQ Editor, Sophia Watson, chats with the creative omnivore herself on Vivid Ideas – then, now and next.

Jess Scully, director of much-loved winter festival Vivid Ideas, part of Vivid Sydney, is proof that vision plus creativity is a magical formula.

For Jess Scully, creativity is less about artistic genius than it is a force that can pave the way for social change.

The Vivid Ideas Festival Director, who previously headed up trailblazing seminar series Creative Sydney and whose past lives include stints editing cult magazines such as Yen and Summer Winter, has spent her career exploring the ways art can help cities channel the power of dreaming big.

“I’m not interested in public sculptures in a park,” says Scully, who also helps curate TEDxSydney and has directed the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards, Australia’s largest grant program for emerging artists.

“I’m interested in how artists and artworks can help people tell their stories and own the places that they live in. When people in society are disadvantaged, they’re excluded from the conversation but when executed well, public art and events in public spaces can give them a platform to have their voices heard.”

Scully, who studied journalism and law at university, is a firm advocate for the role of storytelling in this process—whether she’s overseeing Kids Hack Day, a workshop that inspires primary school students to experiment with new technology or connecting Candy Chang—a New Orleans artist known for bold community projects that reimagine abandoned houses — with Vivid Sydney audiences for the first time.

“It’s all about finding the stories that people want to share with each other,” says Scully, who attributes her curatorial ability to her awareness of people doing interesting things. “I’ve really gone from telling those stories in the media, to telling them during events, talks and public art.”

Scully believes that Vivid Ideas’ explosive growth in the last six years is proof of Sydney’s evolution as a creative capital and a recognition of the way the arts can transform public life. “Vivid Sydney has gone from an event that you would attend one night to one you might visit four times a week,” she says. “It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about inviting creative industries to collaborate and develop new ideas for the future.”


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