Toiletpaper’s Lasagna Party @ Salone Milan 2013

Toiletpaper’s Lasagna Party @ Salone Milan 2013


Toilet Paper Party Invitation

Toiletpaper is a bi-annual magazine collaboration between artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, and is made up solely of surreal and ambiguous images.

“Often we love to take photos and make them realize in objects, clothes, accessories ” says Pierpaolo Ferrari. …….. “The images of Toiletpaper can become a swimsuit as a Formula 1 car.  The important thing is that it is not distorted the spirit of the magazine, ironic and disturbing at the same time.

toiletpaper invite

A selection of images taken from the magazine by Cattelan and Ferrari have become the emblematic motifs of the collection: –  a prancing horse, cut fingers, a fish stuffed of precious stones, and a table full of “unexpected” guests looming large on the tablecloths.

The materials in the collection Toiletpaper-Seletti, are perfectly in line with the spirit of the pop magazine: cheap and widespread, never sectoral.

The collection was presented in the Rossana Orlandi Gallery during the Salone.


Severed fingers of Red enamel, soaps chewed, rubber plunger and chicks which a pair of scissors are removing a wing, are repeated obsessively on those objects that we all possess at least once in their lifetime.

The images have been put onto products that Stefano Selettis’s father Bruno had imported from China in the 1970s.

The meeting between the two worlds could not be more stark: on the one hand the exclusive and original image of the artist’s work and, on the other hand, the ultimate expression of mass production at low cost; However the result is fascinating and disturbing sensations inevitable when dealing with art.





The Toiletpaper ” Lasagna Party “

To celebrate the partnership between Toiletpaper and Seletti, – the “Toiletpaper Lasagna Party” was held during Milan Design Week 2013. The magic happened at Milan’s 1950’s old style ballrooom and restaurant, ” Sala Venezia ” in the centre of Milan.


Cattelan and Ferrari welcomed a beautifully togged-up congregation to a night of pre-disco dancing and a non-ironic buffet at the old time ballroom.

Amongst many notables of the design fraternity were John Pawson, Desiree Mejer, Tom Dixon, Rossana Orlandi, Alessandra Borghese, Laura Bethan Wood  who all had gathered at the Sala Venezia, , for a night of champagne, lasagna, roast chicken — and hours of sweaty, silly, dance revelry.

toiletpaper party

The prevailing mood of the evening was Italian seaside resort circa 1964, with a live band, an accordion player, and a glitter ball that dangled above the picnic-style dinner tables set up on the dance floor.

Between courses guests hopped onto the dance floor to form a conga line, square dance, attempt the Polka, do the Twist or mess around to music that ranged from Italian hits from the Sixties to Elvis, Blondie, and Nancy Sinatra.

pierpaolo ferarri

pierpaolo ferarri

Maurizio Cattelan, an excellent dancer, showed off his moves on the dance floor, while the more reflective Ferrari, hesitated on the polka.

Anna Dello Russo, decked in fishnets, heels and a dress that barely skimmed her bottom, danced like a wild woman with Cattelan. …..  “The last time I danced like this was, well…last week! I love it,” said the Maurizio – who spent far more time on the dance floor than at the dinner table.

On the walls, big posters with images from the magazine: slightly frightening views, bizarre, obsessions and contemporary perversions.

Flying horses, hanged women or that lick doorknobs, a Freud between buttocks and a bloody heart to tell us “I love you”.  No words to meditate on and no explanations. As if to say: “no comment”.

toiletpaper tom dixon

Tom Dixon at the Toilet Paper Party during Milan Design Week 2013



milan stock exchange

Maurizio Cattelan’s iconic sculpture outside the Milan Stock Exchange Building at Piazza Affari


Dakis Joannou visual madness – behind the scenes for Wallpaper* milan issue by  Toiletpaper

behind the scenes

Take ToiletPaper masterminds Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the fantastical Radical Design furniture collection of tycoon and art eye Dakis Joannou, and a playboy wink.


Legendary art collector Dakis Joannou has amassed the most definitive collection of furniture from the Radical Design movement. Founded in the late 1960s by a progressive group of Italian designers, it hinged on playful shapes, surprising proportions and bold colours.

Joannou wanted to document his pieces in an unconventional way and called on the ever-eccentric minds behind ToiletPaper to create a furniture catalogue that reads more like a pin-up magazine.

ToiletPaper top dogs Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari applied their special brand of visual madness to Joannou’s collection. One part inventory, one part design porn, it is part of an ongoing project that will eventually manifest it as a book later in the year when the cataloging is completed.

Watch the action unfold in this behind-the-scenes video as shot by W* photography director James Reid, titled ‘Dakis’ Revenge ……

wallpaper magazine

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