Rough Plays the Rotonda @ Salone Milan 2016

Rough Plays the Rotonda @ Salone Milan 2016

wallpaper invitation

The Tom Dixon all-stars Studio band  “Rough” ( featuring editor-in-chief of Wallpaper* Tony Chambers and electro pop chaunteuse Billie Ray Martin )  lined up for the Rotonda dell Bessana gig during the Salone 2016

This Rough 2016 version lineup – first played together in October 2015 at Tom Dixon’s Multiplex pop up store at Selfriidges Hotel, in to help celebrate Wallpaper Magazine’s 200th issue


the tom dixon tony chambers band

Rough @ Salone Milan 2016  ( l – r  ) Robert Violette drums,  Steph Hannah keyboards and vocals,  ( guy at the back ? didnt make the cut for Milan ),  Eran Kendler acoustic guitar,  Billie Ray Martin lead vocals ( Electribe 80’s band ) ,  Eran Kendler acoustic guitar,  Tom Dixon bass guitar,  and Tony Chambers ( Wallpaper* ) acoustic guitar.



The venue was amazing and the band were a huge hit !!

Here is an recount of how the night went



It is a full house – the excitement is building

full house 3


Warm up – not long till showtime

tom warming up


tom dixon tony chambers



Settling the nerves with shots of Johnnie Walker ( blue label ) for the band

tom dixon johhnie walker blue label scotchon brew tray


setting up finished



The ” Rough plays the Rotonda ” Gig is finally underway

tom dixon full house


cut 2



tom dixon band 2



tom and tony playing at the rotonda



tom dixon band rough


steph hannah


Tom Dixon revela outros talentos! #TheRestaurant2016 #wallpaper #wallpapermagazine #tomdixon #fuorisalone #caesarstonebrasil

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tom dixon band with wallpaper editor in chief tony chambers and singer from 80s band electribe 2


tom dixon band 4


the band


tom and tony on guitars



The Gig is over – so back to the drinking and partying !!

tom dixon party 2


tom dixon party night


tom dixon party



From Wallpaper Magazine

Nov 2015

Written by Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers


” Last month found us celebrating our 200th issue, so it was an appropriate period to be putting together our latest issue, our annual fun-and-feasting-filled entertaining special. Combining work and play has always been a Wallpaper* speciality. The main event during the month-long celebrations to mark our double centenary was a cocktail bash with Tom Dixon at his pop-up emporium, Multiplex, a wildly inventive takeover of the vast Selfridges Hotel space. It was a sophisticated riot of an evening that saw me fulfill a lifetime’s ambition – to play guitar live in a rock group. A chance to have my Spinal Tap moment and crank my amp up to 11!

Those of you who know your design and your popular music will know that Tom is an accomplished bass player and was part of 1980s funk combo Funkapolitan.

After many years talking about it, Tom has got a band together again – comprised of design industry folk and appropriately named Rough – which made its debut at Salone del Mobile in April. As I’d no doubt let slip/exaggerated in the past that I was quite handy on guitar, I was invited to be part of the inaugural Rough performance, but work commitments, a lack of rehearsal time and a distinct lack of talent gave me ample excuses to spare my blushes.

But a London gig, at an event co-hosted by Wallpaper*, offered me no escape clause. So with only one hour’s band practice the evening before, I found myself in my office, on the day of the big event, holding meetings while trying to master chord changes. ‘Tony, do you think we should give an extra page to the Studio Job story?’ ‘Eeerm, hang on a minute, I’m just trying to work out C minor.’ ‘Tony, the cover has to go to print in half an hour.’ ‘OK, calm down, I just need to get the rhythm right on this Kylie Minogue riff.’ I did all I could in the time available, and squeezed in a bit more practice during the sound check, but I was quaking in my boots as I joined the band on stage.

Thankfully, Tom had hired two ace session musicians and a guest vocalist – the legendary electro chanteuse Billie Ray Martin – so their slick professionalism could mask my ineptitude. I felt confident with four of my numbers – they were relatively simple chord sequences and I’d had time to master them (the cover had to go late) – but Tom had slipped in an extra tune at the last minute: Sylvester’s You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). A thumping crowd-pleaser, of course, but one I just couldn’t get to grips with. I was terrified I’d mess the whole evening up. However, a few words of sage advice from Phil, our (real) lead guitarist, gave me confidence and all went smoothly. In fact, friends in the audience said that number was the one where I looked the best, a real natural, all swinging power chords and intricate finger work. During the other tunes I looked more cautious and deep in concentration. So what were Phil’s words of wisdom that had such a revelatory effect on my playing style? Simple – he said if I wasn’t sure of the chords, instead of turning my amp up to 11, just sneakily turn it off and play what the hell I want. He’d cover me. It dawned on me later that this is kind of what editing a magazine is like – as long as you surround yourself with a brilliant team of professionals, the editor can turn off his amp and do what the hell he likes. So while I’ve spent the month swanning around having a whale of a time, the real pros at Wallpaper* HQ have stealthily produced this rockin’ issue for your entertainment.”

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