il Colore Dei Loughi ( Pt 2 / 2 ) @ Salone Milan 2014

il Colore Dei Loughi ( Pt 2 / 2 ) @ Salone Milan 2014


il Colore dei Loughi = The Colour of Place

During the International Design Week, Paola Lenti once again presented her new collections at the Franciscan renaissance cloisters – Chiostri dell’Umanitaria. ( Cloisters of the Humane Society )

The Umanitaria is in the center of Milan, behind the Palace of Justice, and is an ngoing Franciscan convent, divided into four Renaissance cloisters and a former refectory the “Hall of Frescoes”.

The Chiostri dell Umanitaria is a unique coup d’oeil, encased by secret gardens and fruit trees; a surrounding where once again interior and exterior were merged loosing their natural boundaries.

umanitaria fresco

Composed by four different cloisters called Memory, Fishes, Statues and Wisteria; the cloisters occupy 8900 square meter perimeter including the ex Franciscan Refectory, today called “Salone degli Affreschi”, where the 16th century artwork “The Crucifixion of Christ” by Bernardino Ferrar is shown


The importance given by Paola Lenti, to constantly stay “beautiful”,  is understood as the mission statement that gives the company’s its’ forms of expression.

It is reflected in the careful choice of materials, resistant and at the same time respectful of nature, and the colors proposed, the result of constant research and aesthetics an interpretation of color as the center of the visual space, refreshing and balanced relationship between nature and the product.

Paola Lenti’s interpretation of colour is now renowned, as she focuses on the visual interiors living space.

paola lenti

Paola Lenti contemplating between press interviews

The daily work of Paola Lenti is the result of thoughts that, through the geometry of pure shapes, bind tradition to modernity, lightness to precision, beauty to functionality, abiding in surroundings that create a unique view, towards a horizon without boundaries.

Now in its 20th year of business, the Company confirms its personal vision of living centered on the philosophy of functional and elegant, simple and long-lasting furniture.

paola and anna lenti with nargis kassamali from luminaire

paola and anna lenti with nargis kassamali from luminaire

Once again creativity and quality are the result of real efforts, humble attempts, team work and a meticulous attention to every detail.

The interest in the production of original fabrics , the attention paid to the technological evolution of materials , the recognized value to the craft practices have always been the most recognizable figures of a collection of furniture and carpets over time become true reference points for the multiform universe of furniture for outdoor use.


Paola Lenti presented the new indoor and outdoor collections at I Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, a historic Milan institution renowned for its role in promoting arts and culture.

The location is a former 15th century Franciscan monastery developed around four renaissance cloisters, with secret gardens and captivating spaces full of charm and history.

Paola Lenti turned this presentation into a unique opportunity.

The Company decided to organise the event in a purposeful and responsible way: together with its partners, Paola Lenti started a restoration project of I Chiostri , that will continue, in the years to come, to give back to the city of Milan the revival of this historic location.

In these unique surroundings, Paola Lenti took visitors on a journey which allowed them to experience with all of the senses this year’s collection, through a combination of colours, sounds, scents and objects


After 7 Salone days of constant efforts from Paola Lenti’s staff and meetings with distributors and design professionals from all 5 Continents – everything was “photographed” to perfection,  and will remain etched in the memories of visitors who witnessed Paola Lenti’s magnificent presentation of “THE COLOR OF PLACES”


Presentations 2014


linea due

paola lenti salone milan dedece  (2)


paola lenti 22


Move sofas, Edel cabinets by Francesco Rota


move sofa with edel cabinets


paola lenti dedece milan 2014 (2)


paola lenti dedece milan 2014 (1)

The system of modular seating Move by Francesco Rota is available in two heights and three seat depths.

The element dimensions and the possibility to vary their height, thanks to different typologies of feet, allow for the composition of both classic sofas and informal seating.

The system has been conceived to be combined with the series of cabinets Edel, designed by Francesco Rota as well, available in wood or in wood with parts covered with fabric.

The low cabinets and the side table Edel are provided with compartments closed by a protection glass, suited to host little precious collections.

dedece paola lenti milan 2014 (3)


dedece paoal lenti salone 2014


dedece paola lenti milan 2014 (2)


paola lenti interior (8)

Emphasizing the inherent quality and innate potential of each material, the Company creates, compares and mixes colours and shapes.

This intrinsic synthesis leads to a naturally evolving design that combines architectural structures, seating and rugs, all in a coherent style in which nothing is accidental, but all seems to be natural.

Paola Lenti pieces offer a design where colours and dimensions are studied to create harmony without excess; a style which is able to convey an empathy between nature and product


Fabrics and rugs by CRS Paola Lenti

paola lenti salone milan dedece  (1)

The design and production of signature fabrics, the attention devoted to the technological evolution of materials, the value credited to handicraft techniques have always been the most recognizable features of a collection of furniture and rugs which have become, over the years, true reference points for the eclectic universe of outdoor furniture.

Paola Lenti not only enhance her collection of fabrics for the exteriors, but introduces now the results of a long and meticulous research on the materials for the interiors, like the new and unprecedented weaves of the fabrics Viva and Jazz.

Furthermore, many new rugs will be presented, among which the loom woven rugs for the interiors, Ritmo and Suite.

suite ritmo





Paola Lenti’s success is based on the study of yarns, their quality and performance, on material experimentation and the strength that make them unique, with an innate attention to colours.

The rugs and seating collections, both for interior and exterior environments, stand out for the materials and upholstery fabrics, conceived by Paola Lenti and produced exclusively for the Company.

paola lenti dedece mialn 2014 (1)

Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with curiosity to create fibres and yarns that allow the Company to go beyond traditional barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Through this research Paola Lenti has developed signature materials that are the key to the creation of the contemporary yet timeless forms.

With such approach, the Company has changed the nature of rugs, allowing for such delicate and precious items to go outdoors; the same curiosity and knowledge are turned to natural fibres: through a balanced mix of instinct, creativity and rationality, Paola Lenti has transformed existing materials to offer better quality and higher performances.

Materials and forms are both the result of the Company’s philosophy, which aims to offer essential, contemporary, timeless products.

fabric wall

paola lenti dedece mialn 2014 (2)

Each fabric originates from the best natural or synthetic yarns, to guarantee functionality and aesthetics.

Rope and Aquatech yarns, the result of the Company’s continuous research and experimentation, allow for the creation of a range of solutions for the exteriors which are enduring and resistant to the atmospheric agents, sun rays, sea and swimming pool water.


The fabrics for interior environments, such as felts of unique quality and performance or wools and cottons proposed in coordinated colours, offer infinite chromatic combinations.

The woods and the stones used for the structures and the tops suited for outdoor use are the result of an attentive selection which is coherent with the Company’s product philosophy.

The metals, selected for their high performances, are treated to further improve their endurance

paola lenti dedece mialn 2014 (3)


paola lenti dedece milan 2014 (4)

paola lenti dedece milan 2014 (3)

paola lenti dedece milan 2014 (2)


Sharing the Beauty


Paola Lenti at the Società Umanitaria, a symbolic space for her creations, has chosen to share the founding principles of one of the most important institutions in Milan.

Since its origins the Società Umanitaria has revolutionized the concept of welfare, as the daily newspaper Il Tempo wrote in 1908, introducing the Casa di Lavoro per Disoccupati – the labour house for the unemployed:

“A real transformation of charity into a form of welfare that does not abase, because the beneficiary may attain it by merit and dignity through his work”.

Since the 2011 Salone, “responsibility” has been the leitmotif of the project of the Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti has brought her knowledge and sense of aesthetics into the multi-year restoration project of these marvelous Renaissance cloisters, making them not only the simple stage for her collections, but a place able to convey the sense of beauty and harmony of forms throughout the year.

umanitaria cloister

The “responsible” project of Paola Lenti started in 2011 with the restoration of the cloisters and the green areas, the lighting by Davide Groppi, the wooden flooring by Menotti Specchia and the painting of the cloisters’ exterior walls by Oikos.

It has then continued in 2012 with the new flooring of the Auditorium and, above all, with the acoustic and lighting revision which has been able to recover the harmony of the spaces and the sonorities.

In 2013, thanks to an intervention conceived together with Studio Bestetti Associati and to the cooperation of Piscine Laghetto, a company that joined the group of committed partners, the exterior areas, the Giardino dei Platani and the entrance façade in via Daverio have regained the original equilibrium and geometry, to offer the visitors a sense of amazement from a scenery that changes with each season.

The aesthetic research and the respect of the nature are at the core of Paola Lenti’s work.

Beauty intended as a whole, able to merge the past and the future into the present, is viewed by the spectator.

It is this very tension that Paola Lenti intends to transfer to the visitor of I Chiostri dell’Umanitaria through its “responsible event”; an emotion that fills the eyes and enters the heart by restoring, even for a single moment, the full sense of ourselves


2014 Renovation Project Supporters

Prominent Italian companies participate to the event “Il colore dei luoghi”; they share with Paola Lenti the taste for beauty and functionality, the interest for research and the selective choice of materials, the propensity to innovation intended as opportunity of growth and improvement.


Cleaf, surfaces for design Davide Groppi, indoor and outdoor lighting

david groppi

Mycore, roller blinds and home automation

my core

Oikos, colours and materials for architecture


Piscine Laghetto, pool and spa areas

jaghetto piscine

The setting of the cloisters includes pieces of Carolien van der Heijden (rocks sculptures)


Christoph Finkel (wooden sculptures),


Oriental antiques from the Gallery Schreiber


The works of 1728 Monsignor della Casa from the Turin bookstore Il Cartiglio


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