Domus Voices @ Salone Milan 2014

Domus Voices @ Salone Milan 2014

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The spirit of the Voices event is the sharing of a new human landscape ie the design of the emotional map of the city.

By lending an ear to architects, artists, fashion designers, students, illuminated entrepreneurs, artisans and start-up inventors, Domus gave voice to real partakers of Milanese civic life and placing them at the centre of an urban design, where Milan becomes a paradigm for the cities of the world.

Below are some concept sketches of the proposed installation at the Conservatroio di Milano, by Studio Azzurro, the creative directors of this project

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The hot-air balloon symbolises the eye of Domus looking at the city, projecting the imagery observed from above and alternating it with the faces and words of our video contributors.

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Meticulously and engagingly directed by Studio Azzurro, Domus Voices was a multimedia display, the stories of which lived for full six days in the heart of the Conservatoria, which was open to the public during Design Week.

In the courtyard of the Conservatory, a hot-air balloon projected images of Milan will make the city materialise in a powerful video installation of citizens’ anecdotes, comments, dreams, wishes and visions.

And when cocktail hour arrived, the Conservatory’s courtyard turned into a meeting piazza, with musical live performances from students of the Conservatoria.

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Toyota, Domus’s partner for the Voices event, presented its’ new Aygo city car in the courtyard of the Conservatory.

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In Studio Azzurro’s installation for Domus, every day a different video schedule recounted Milan through its Milanese inhabitants voices, making Voices a kind of map of urban sentiment based on the aesthetics of person-to-city relationships.

The citizens-contributors talk about their idea of living in Milan – pointing out the features that they would keep and those that they would do away with – each according to a personal approach.

They ponder if the ideal city is horizontal or vertical, what its sound is, and mention their favourite place to go read a book


project trailer video

Among the many voices that have contributed to the Domus “listening project” were – Elio Fiorucci, Patricia Urquiola, Jane Reeve, Chiara Alessi, Manolo De Giorgi, Anna Foppiano, Giulio Iacchetti, Andrée Ruth Shammah, Piero Gandini and many other exponents from the worlds of design, architecture and performing arts.

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The architect and designer Romanelli has no doubts: Milan is the capital of design


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Here are some of the different days’ videos played on the Domus Cube Wall


Old and Young

Angelo Ascani / Chandra Fontanari / Marirosa Toscani Ballo / Luca Rotondo / Marco Lampugnani / Mariasara Cirifino / Elio Fiorucci


Girls in the City

Chandra Fontanari / Mariasara Cirifino / Maria Grazia Mazzocchi



Beniamino Saibene / Marco Romanelli / Massimo Mini


Walking with Myself

Nicola Mauri / Gianluca Brugnoli / Emiliano Paoletti / Patricia Urquiola / Simone Natalizio


Not only Navigli

Franco Laera / Laura Angius / Massimo Mini / Sara Rossi


Walking with…

Massimiliano Messina / Beppe Finessi / Chiara Alessi Anghini  / Elio Fiorucci / Jane Reeve


Metabolize the City

Anna Foppiano / Silvia Robertazzi /  Angelo Ascani /  Manolo De Giorgi / Paola Nicolin



Andrea De Alberti / LingLing Dai / Massimiliano Messina / Guido Guerzoni / Heraghi Slaheddino



Franco Laera /  Massimo Mini / Beppe Finessi / Cataldo Cassano / Luisa Collina / Paola Nicolin


Outside or Inside

Modou Gueye / Julia Binfield / Heraghi Slaheddino


A City loved

Patricia Urquiola / Denis Guidone / Umberto Angelini / Manolo De Giorgi / Angelo Ascani / Giulio Iacchetti / Giacomo Bonelli


Recognizing the City

Silvia Robertazzi / Jane Reeve / Piero Gandini / LingLing Dai


Living in an Idea

Modou Gueye / Emiliano Paoletti / Heraghi Slaheddino


Spaces and Sounds

Antonella Dedini / Marco Romanelli


Stories in Milan

Giulio Calegari


Vertical City

Antonella Dedini / Clara Mantica / Elio Fiorucci /  Manolo De Giorgi / Emiliano Paoletti / Andrea De Alberti / Beppe Finessi / Anna Foppiano / Giulio Iacchetti / Guido Guerzoni / Marco Lampugnani / Modou Gueye / Chiara Alessi / Anghini / Nicola Mauri / Chandra Fontanari / Umberto Angelini / Luca Rotondo  Attilio / Nicoli Cristiani /


Outside of Town

Jane Reeve / Andrea Minetto / Matteo Pirola / Nicola Mauri / Clara Mantica / Stefano Giovannoni / Chiara Alessi Anghini


City Sound

Franco Laera / Denis Guidone / Andrea Minetto / Sara Rossi / Beniamino Saibene / Chiara Alessi Anghini


Vertical City

Stefano Giovannoni


Ways of Living

Marco Romanelli / Guido Guerzoni / Paola Nicolin / Andrea Minetto / Clara Mantica / Gianfilippo Pedote


Portrait and Emotion 1

Maria Grazia Mazzocchi / Matteo Pirola


Three Simple Questions

Alina Marazzi /  Angelo Ascan


Portrait and Emotion 2

Manolo De Giorgi / Massimiliano Messina


Picture and Sound

Gianluca Brugnoli / Silvia Robertazzi


Portrait and Displacements 1

Marirosa Toscani Ballo / Luisa Collina / Piero Gandini / Matteo Pirola / Giacomo Bonelli


Portrait and Around the City

Patricia Urquiola / Guido Guerzoni


Portrait and Read a book

Gianfilippo Pedote / Manolo De Giorgi


Portrait and Emotion 3

Giovanni Francavilla / Jane Reeve


 Portrait and Displacement 2

Elio Fiorucci / Umberto Angelini



Laura Angius / Gianluca Brugnoli / Beppe Finessi / Stefano Giovannoni


Portraits poetic 

Alessandro Mendin


Residential Visions

Piero Gandini / Chiara Alessi Anghini


Observers Personal

Antonella Dedini / Umberto Angelini


Similarities Ideals

Anna Foppiano / Guido Guerzoni / Attilio Nicoli Cristiani / Cataldo Cassano


The Gift

Maria Grazia Mazzocchi / Andrea Minetto


Looking at the City

Luca Rotondo / Giulio Iacchetti / Simone Natalizio


Emotions and Movements

Marco Romanelli / Silvia Robertazzi


The perfect place 1

Giulio Calegari


The perfect place 2

Andrée Ruth Shammah / Laura Angius / Massimo Mini / Patricia Urquiola / Franco Laera / Alina Marazzi / Gianluca Brugnoli


My idea of ​​Living

Andrée Ruth Shammah / Giulio Iacchetti / Julia Binfield / Anna Foppiano / Stefano Giovannoni


To read a Book

Andrée Ruth Shammah / Guido Guerzoni / Anna Foppiano / Beppe Finessi / Chiara Alessi Anghini / Jane Reeve / Elio Fiorucci


The sound of Milan

Andrée Ruth Shammah / Emiliano Paoletti / Laura Angius / Umberto Angelini / Massimo Mini / Paola Nicolin


Profession and Professionalism

Stefano Giovannoni


Milan is no longer the enter of the Design World

Paolo Rizzatto


The companies seem to be less focused on themself and more on designers

Federica Zanco


Very interesting commingling between Design and Art

Giacinto Di Pietrantonio


The Design is where there is Industrial Production



Remember Massimo Morozzi and is convinced that Milan remains the capital of design

Marco Romanelli


The Salone is always interesting, and this year even the schools

Beppe Finessi


The high quality of two-dimensional Graphics and Fittings

Manolo De Giorgi


A little disappointed by the bad taste of the companies that they work for the “new rich”



The designer Lorenzo Damiani tells Domus his point of view on Salon 2014

Lorenzo Damiani


salone milan 2014 domus balloon


Domus Magazine presentation room

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About Domus

Domus is an architecture and design magazine founded in 1928 by architect Gio Ponti and Barnabite father Giovanni Semeria.

Founded to circulate ideas regarding style in homemaking and furnishing, over the years Domus – through its various editors – has explored a wide range of nuances in the fields of architecture, the applied arts, industrial design, art, urban planning, editorial and advertising graphics, digital communications, always with an international perspective

It is published by Editoriale Domus, the magazine is issued 11 times a year on a monthly basis


15 January 1928: Gio Ponti
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October 1942: Massimo Bontempelli, Guglielmo Ulrich and Melchiorre Bega
October 1943 – December 1944: Melchiorre Bega
1945: publication ceased due to the war
January 1946 (issue 205): Ernesto Nathan Rogers
January 1948: Gio Ponti
July 1976: Gio Ponti and Cesare Casati
July 1979: Alessandro Mendini
January 1985: Lisa Licitra Ponti
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January 1992: Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani
February 1996: François Burkhardt
September 2000: Deyan Sudjic
January 2004 (issue 866): Stefano Boeri
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April 2010 (issue 935): Alessandro Mendini
April 2011 (issue 946): Joseph Grima
September 2013 (issue 972): Nicola Di Battista

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