What a Wonderful World @ Salone Milan 2013

What a Wonderful World @ Salone Milan 2013


This year Samsung participated at Superstudio Più in Milan with the installation “What a Wonderful World”, where the use of smartphone technology allowed visitors to create their own “Wonderful custom-made world”.

Samsung asked French designer and architect François Confino to create an original and futurist installation, a sacred space where visitors become the creators, the main players, those that decide about the events happening all around, just like creative artists in a wonderful world, for an unprecedented emotional experience.


“What a Wonderful World” was conceived to unveil the unique potentials of the relation between technology and nature.

The installation designed by Confino for Samsung appeared as a fluctuating space.

Upon entry visitors received a Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, which they could use to manage and control the surrounding space – using the smartphone  technology that helped them create their own fantastic world.

At the start of the experience, visitors entered a tunnel with two opposed projections, a space where the natural and the artificial world joined together

Natural elements changed within seconds, objects changed their colour and size, thus creating the desired world using the smartphone, which then helped the poetry and metaphors of François Confino come true.

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Samsung participated at the Salone for the third year in a row, thus expressing its commitment towards design.

Samsung’s philosophy is founded on the three key principles of Smart, Harmony, and Nature, which result into a linear, simple, and sustainable design, conceived according to the consumers’ environment and lifestyle, capable to raise their involvement to a new level through technology.

For Samsung, design is a must to create a positive experience, both from the aesthetic and from the human point of view. Design is used to surprise and prepare consumers for the future.


“Last year, through the partnership with Italo Rota, we displayed design as a creative approach to address user well-being issues by offering a visit to the house of the future.

This year we use the imaginary world created by the poetry of François Confino to offer visitors an overview of the future, as well as a true opportunity to enter a world made of poetry and emotions, to create their dream world with the support of the Samsung technology.”….. Mr. Chang, Head of the Samsung Design Center.


About François Confino


François Confino, was born in 1945 in Geneva and has lived in Switzerland since 1970.

In 1970 he graduated in Architecture at the École Polytechnique in Zürich.

He spent the following years between New York, where he taught at the Columbia University from 1971 to 1976, and Paris

He won the competition for the temporary exhibition “Archéologie de la ville” on occasion of the opening of the Centre Georges Pompidou in 1977.

In 1978 Confino established his studio in Lussan, a small village in southern France where he still lives and works today.

Since then, Confino has been devoting to an impressive number of projects and exhibitions, both in France and abroad, including in Canada, Japan, Portugal, and Italy.

iin the past few years, he has worked for the National Cinema Museum of Turin, the National Car Museum, and the Wine Museum in Barolo.

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