Bouroullecs – Quiet Motion @ Salone Milan 2013

Bouroullecs – Quiet Motion @ Salone Milan 2013

Designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec presented a courtyard installation of rotating leather covered cork platforms for car brand BMW i – on display in an historic monastery in the centre of Milan.

The project “Quiet Motion” by the Bourellec Brothers was a symbolic interpretation of movement and contemplation, which simultaneously depicted the pioneering vehicle design of BMW i in a minimalistic and aesthetic form using sustainable BMW i materials.

Bouroullec BMWi concepts

This set measured 17 x 14 metres and was over three metres high and consisted of gently turning carousels gaving visitors a moment of peace and serenity during Milan Design Week.

The Bouroullec brothers believe that as electric engines make cars quieter, the driving experience and the interior design of vehicles should become simplified and more relaxing.

“We tried to interpret what it means to have an electric cars. What we propose with this installation is to say that motion, movement, energy in general should probably be quieter, softer and something which is less about speed and aggression.”

bmw project meeting

Axel Haschkamp, Chairman of MKT, on the project:

“Implementing the ideas of the designers precisely and therefore reflecting the communicative aims of the client were challengers that our design engineers had to overcome. Through our expertise in mechanics, electronics, drive technology and model construction, it was possible to solve those challenges, even though the time schedule was extremely tight.

About 30 tonnes of materials were then transported by lorry to Italy.

Since no machines or lifting equipment may be used within the historic city walls, the complex transportation task was followed by the challenge of assembling the installation.

construction for the installation

construction for the installation (image courtesy BMW group)

Materials used

A column of rigid yet extremely lightweight carbon connects the platforms and the fibreglass roofs.

The carbon for the revolutionary lightweight design of the BMW i bodywork, for example, was created using renewable energy sources and is a key material along with the interior leather that has been treated using vegetable tannins. Without any further chemical application, it is nevertheless very hard wearing and boasts a unique look.

On the upper side the roofs are coated with weather-resistant BMW i bodywork paint, while the lining on the underside is made from the fabric of the future BMW i roof liner.

The surface of the platforms is made from a special cork material that was cut to shape using 3D milling.

Electric motors beneath the floor of the installation are responsible for the gentle rotation of the harmoniously configured platforms.

bmwi milan 2013

The designers and BMW i share a passion for innovative projects, which make path breaking design vivid.

Powered by electric motors, the carousels were designed to show how quietly BMW i’s electric cars can run; and also showcase some of the materials used for the car’s interior.

The final installation was conceived to be “different levels of slowly turning platforms which visitors can climb inside the curtains of textiles and relax as the world slowly passes round them: — “You are invited to take part in it and be part of the movement,” explains Erwan Bouroullec.

bmw bourrelecs

Seating areas covered in the same soft leather as the BMW i car seats invite visitors to sit and linger for a while.

The result is an installation that interprets the understanding of sustainable mobility.


Bouroullec Brothers. ( photo courtesy of Designboom )

The carousels rotated slowly and silently and were an allegorical interpretation of movement and contemplation,  as well as of the forward-looking vehicle design of BMW i  in aesthetic and pared-down form, using sustainable BMW i materials.

bourollecs 3

“In the furniture industry you use less materials and fewer components. I think car interiors have to come back to materials that are more clear, more simple, and more understood by the people and customers.”… Erwan

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