Salone Milan 2010 – Adopt a Prototype

Salone Milan 2010 – Adopt a Prototype

CROP  >> The Initiative launches Adottaunprototipo:

1)  Choose a Product That You Believe In,

2)  Adopt it by Participating in the making of the proyotype

3)  And Then You May Bring home the first piece.

We are proposing That You buy the object even before it is born,  leaving it in “DESIGNERS ‘ hands for a photoshoot or for Participating at an event. Afterwords it will be sent to your home and it will be yours forever.




if you’re a designer:

publish a project for free so it can be adopted and create the prototype with the adopter’s funds. You will have the oportunity to study it’s feasibility thanks to the contribution of a sponsor that believing in you, will finance your work. Use it for a photoshoot, an exhibition, a show and then hand it over to him, along with a certificate of authenticity left by adoptaprototype.      Of course the project will remain yours!!!!

Adoptaprototype is a great oportunity for transforming ideas in objects.

If you’re an adopter:

choose a product that you believe in, adopt it by participating in the making of the prototype and then you may bring home the first piece.  We are proposing that you buy the object even before it is born, leaving it in designers hands for a photoshoot or for participating at an event. Afterwords it will be sent to your home and it will be yours forever.


Joining the campaign adottaunprototipo is SIMPLE and does not cost anything.

A “DESIGNER” That has a project in search of adoption can send us by e-mail images of the product accompanied by a caption and the Estimated cost to manufacture the prototype.

If the product is Considered Suitable it is published online material to Com Will Be Returned.

The “CUSTOMER” Chooses a product, contacts us and claims to be interested in a particular subject. He or she is Placed directly in contact with the “designer” and the product is Indicated on the website as “Chosen”. Within 30 days, the “designer” must communicate to us the outcome of Negotiations: if successful, the product Becomes “Adopted”, it returns Com “FREE”.

If Adopted, the “designer” is committed to Recognize “ADOTTAUNPROTOTIPO” commeasured a fee to the cost of the prototype. (See DISCLAIMER). After concluding the deal, a certification of “adoption” will be sent to the “designer” and the client. The “Designer” is Also committed to send us a picture of the prototype, as proof of the successful encounter and to allow Any companies interested in the production Eventually the product.



Adottaunprototipo is a brainchild of CROP and acts as an incubator of ideas, a vehicle for designers and contact Between Those Who, loving creativity, want to “Adopt” an idea helping it Become Reality.

Flesh this idea based on Our own experience, as designers and founders of a small label manufacturing furniture, we Realized That Our main WAS Difficulty in finding funds to Implement startup to Create Models, Prototypes, to turn ideas into something concrete to show and sell .

Hench the thought of creating a container That allows designers and Communication Between Those Who, for passion, for bet, for business or other, decided to invest in an idea.

Contributing to the making of the prototype and then Taking it home is not charity, it is a “special” purchase, is an opportunity for Both parties.

Please help spread adottaunprototipo, Adopt and take care of your item, show it with pride, You Have the chance to own an original piece of furniture, unique, hand made, at a reasonable price and at the Same time you will help designers to turn an idea into reality .

Elena Belforte and Giusi Rivoira born in Turin in 1966. After graduating in Architecture in 1993 founded the con3studioArchitectural Firm Involved in architecture and interiors. Since 2008 They Devoted Themselves to design, and are the founders of CROP, A container of design items Meant To Be Made in small batches, using Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Livio Marrese Was Born in Turin in 1972. Graphic designer and photographer. He has founded in 2006 QGlab Various aggregators of professionals in fields of communication. Passionate about design, is Among the developers of adottaunprototipo for Which Also deals with corporate identity and web design

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