eBay Living @ Salone Milan 2013

eBay Living @ Salone Milan 2013

ebay living milan

Ebay Living: the infinite personality of objects

Ebay, one of the most popular ecommerce websites, returned to Milan in the heart of Zona Tortona, during Milan Design Week 2013.

Through this presentation, it is possible to see the three lives of objects in an innovative journey using QR technology and Social shopping. A unique experience that allows to discover the endless personalities of objects.


The objects are presented in three different totally white rooms recreating a home environment – with the exhibition objects stand out as the only coloured items within the space

In the first they retain their original function, in the second they are transformed to assume a new role and in the third, thanks to the technology of Augmented Reality, a new and unexpected use of them is discovered

ebay living



ebay living 2

As an example – the suitcase of the first room turns into an unexpected tea table and goes on to find a new purpose and, thanks to the iPads provided in the location or one’s smartphone, become a mirror cabinet.

ebay living 3

eBay Living allows visitors to live a new experience, where objects take unexpected forms, but only if viewed through the eye of the tablet.

At the end of the route throughout the three rooms, visitors are able to try out different shopping experiences thanks to QR Code technology.


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