Pantone Interiors – 2014 colour trends

Pantone Interiors – 2014 colour trends

Pantone has released their “2014 Pantone View Home + Interiors trend forecast” featuring the nine directional color palettes with distinct and evocative style for home furnishings and interior design.

The nine palettes for 2014 are: Techno Color, Physicality, Sculpted Simplicity, Fluidity, Collage, Intimacy, Moda, Tribal Threads and Eccentricities


Pantone View Home + Interiors 2014 contains visual inspiration, suggested color harmonies, individual tear-out palette cards for each of the nine forecast palettes, swatches of the 74 forecast colors, and images from the forecast for use in presentations and storyboards.

Highlighting additional insight and direction, a summary page concludes the forecast with a comprehensive color overview and a look at other factors influencing the world of home furnishings and interior environments.

To enable digital design, Pantone View Home + Interiors 2014 also includes Pantone Color Manager for direct download of all Pantone Color Libraries into design software.

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  1. Karen Sorgeloos - June 12, 2013

    Tillandsia purple and majolica blue

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