Extremism by Tom Dixon

“Given the current state of consumption, new stuff must have a superior reason for existing. Not only that, but the way we make and sell it must be refined. Extremism is a celebration of the intense and purposeful; a reflection on the things that leave the most impact.” …..  Tom Dixon

Extremism the book was launched by Tom Dixon at the 2011 Salone di Mobile in Milan and has received excellent reviews at Design Shows in both New York and London. In a battle against compromise and the bland, the book explores the positive impact Extremist thinking can have on design.

In this slim but visually packed book, British design star Tom Dixon reduces his all-embracing career to a single philosophy: design is improved by radicalization.

The theme arrives early on in the book and appears in a dialogue with journalist and editor Laura Houseley about what Dixon means by “extremism.” – He means augmenting some aspect of a product beyond its usual limits, whether sustainability, fabrication, durability or distribution.

Divided into 7 image-led chapters, the book covers a range of interpretations from Extreme Weight and Extreme Technology to Extreme Simplicity and Extreme Craft

While Extremism has its eccentric flourishes (the E in “extreme,” for instance, is capitalized throughout), its real value lies in Tom’s call to all designers “to go Extreme – or go Home.”

“Paper works as the perfect platform to discuss and debate strong themes such as Craft, Colour, Function, Luminosity, Simplicity and Technology.”

Tom Dixon talks about the role of paper in both design and society – Hear his views ( below ) on the future of paper and how paper grades worked within the joint UPM and Tom Dixon collaboration.

UPM and Tom Dixon collaboration on a book entitled Extremism has resulted in a visually appealing and dynamic piece of print.

Printed on UPM papers with valued added techniques, the 148 page book uses a combination of coated and uncoated paper grades from UPM‘s comprehensive paper portfolio. Further value added print techniques are used to compliment the strong photography and imagery. These include blind embossing, cold foil print and the use of fluorescent inks.

The partnership involved close involvement between Tom Dixon and UPM to ensure the right paper grades and weights were chosen to represent each section of the book.

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