Ingo Maurer at Spazio Krizia + Interni @ Milan Design Week 2011

Ingo Maurer at Spazio Krizia + Interni @ Milan Design Week 2011


Ingo Maurer once again presented his works at Spazio Krizia in Milan for the Salone 2011.

An amazing installation featuring : natural sponge green Biotope with butterflies and fairy lights , and two new research projects that represent the firm in the past year: Johnny B. Butterfly , and Spirits Flying High .


“Biotope’ (= community of biological species ) is a new project that had captivated Ingo Maurer takes center stage at the exhibition. standing four meters tall, the vibrant green structure appears to be full of life, inviting the viewer to  continuously discover new elements and objects.

Hand-made insects – each a work of art on their  own – flutter out of natural sponges which conceal the source of light and filter the colorful and diverse lumens that are emitted from it. (see after the continue jump for more examples of the work of US company Film Flies)


The exceptionally detailed insects, created by an American artisan gave birth to ‘Johnny B. Butterfly’, a small limited series of pendants. butterflies and dragonflies dance around an over-sized light bulb,  wrapped with a frosted strip of telfon to create a whimsical and light-hearted fixture.



Interni – Mutant Project @ Cortile della Farmacia

As smoke fills a distorted cabin, our instinctive apprehension of light, surfaces, and sound builds a transformative scene in the installation of  Ingo Maurer with Axel Schmid for energy production company Enel –  the desire to demonstrate, in slow motion, the gradual transformation of a burning building / the initial ‘dream’ is transformed into perception of change, mutation.

Fire is a mode of radical change arouses amazement and excitement for its mobile light. The idea comes from the desire to demonstrate, in slow motion, the gradual transformation of a burning building: the initial “dream” is then transformed into perception of change, mutation. The installation “Ablaze – sentimento (s)travolgente” thus references the transformation of buildings and the emotional power of fire and light, in a more abstract way: a cabin, the archetype of the edifice, not perfectly “square”, already distorted.

The installation inside the Farmacia courtyard is a small house with elementary forms: the cabin in flames, built with blackened wooden boards, is placed on a wooden platform at the center of the courtyard. Slightly inclined and attached to a lateral steel cable, the construction seems like it is about to fall.

The fire is represented symbolically by the bright red paint inside, while a reflecting pendulum creates dynamism, reverberating with the flames-light.

At the center of the floor a recessed geometric opening, painted green, enriches the chromatic shadings and reflections. A hidden smoke machine completes the theatrical effect and brings out the impact of the light in the overall composition.


The contrast between the interior and the exterior is striking: rough and black on the outside, lit up by an intense red color inside, with the contrast of a bright green opening in the floor. A spherical object hangs from the ceiling, moving slowly, floating in space and reflecting what is around it.


Film Flies USA

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  1. Thomas - October 28, 2015

    Both Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen are to be congratulated for their osuttanding artisty and talent in collaborating on these beautiful lamps. Graham’s amazingly realistic butterflies and dragonflies imbue Ingo’s classic pendant lights with a lovely tribute to nature’s majesty. How delightful to have these fanciful creatures become a permanent design element in lighting the home.

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