Salone Milan 2010 – Made in Arnhem

Made in Arnhem is an exploration through the ‘mind’ of a designer, but also through the execution of the idea

On this occasion education (ArtEZ), local authority (City of Arnhem) and industry (Weltevree) present the creative spirit of enterprise under the title Made in Arnhem.

Via Cletto Arrighi 16


An old and desolate factory hall is the temporary home for a unique, creative and refreshing Dutch landscape. This is not just a presentation of concepts, prototypes, designers or selection of single products.

‘Made in Arnhem’ presents a view reflecting the reality of the creative production line. Man-size grass-blades exhibited in a gallery like fashion, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, shape the exciting décor and intimate environment in which products of the third year students department Product Design with the Collectie Arnhem Product by ArtEZ, and the Weltevree product label which includes designs by Dick van Hoff and Floris Schoonderbeek, can be spied on.

Visitors will be lead through a mesmerizing landscape in which proportions seek tension in relation between the presented objects. The visitor will be lead back to the exceptional reality of everyday life through the last link of the design cycle: the Coming Soon pop-up store will be selling products by designers graduated or working in Arnhem.

‘Made in Arnhem’ is an exploration through the ‘mind’ of the designer, but also in the realization of the concept.

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