Pixels – 8 Bit Icons from the 80’s attack New York

Pixels is a short film produced by One More Production and directed by Partick Jean. It tells a story of an 8bit invasion over the New York city and combines live action footage with blocky, stylized CGI.

Drawing inspiration from the Nintendo and Commodore64 era of games, it unleashes waves of 3D sprites onto the world.

A 2002 graduate of Supinfocom, Patrick Jean first made his debut at Buf company where he worked as a 2D and 3D graphic designer for advertising and feature films. He then went on to create various credit sequences for television shows, allowing him to further hone his skills in graphic design and discover his penchant for direction. Drawn to striking original concepts, it was only natural to see his directing style evolve into the creation of the short film « Theo » and then a few years later the movie video game « Pixel », inspired by video games he used to play in his childhood.

Written, directed by: Patrick Jean  /

Director of Photograhy: Matias Boucard /


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