Proposition 2065

Proposition 2065

AR launches Proposition 2065

Launched in Sydney last week, the Proposition 2065 roadshow moves to Melbourne and Brisbane over the next two weeks, launching stage 1 of this new architectural ideas competition.

Where: Melbourne, AIA Level 3, 41 Exhibition Street

When: Wednesday 7 April 6-7pm

Where: Brisbane, 29 Hynes st, Fortitude Valley

When: Friday 16 April 5.30-6.30pm


Please RSVP to:

This design competition aims to result in:

Architectural concepts that respond creatively to the objectives of the draft WLEP 2009 and that also serve as exemplars for mixed-use development in other activity centres across Australia.

Innovative and pragmatic development scenarios, providing new models of urban design for future consideration by private sector developers. Clear and persuasive communication of the vision for the site to a potential development market and the wider community. A widening of the discourse and debate surrounding new forms of urban development in Australia.

Ensure that local development reflects the subregional strategy planning contained within state government’s Sydney Metropolitan Strategy.

For full details, downloadable brief, registration and all related drawings, photographs and plans, go to:

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