Lost Lamp for Magis @ Salone Milan 2019

Lost Lamp for Magis @ Salone Milan 2019

there is a circle and a line

The circle, an archetypal elementary geometric shape, marks the boundaries of the empty space that characterizes the Lost lamp.

As if sucked into a black hole, every subjective style and technical aspect disappears, leaving in their wake only the silence of the central void.

Surrounded by its refined, consistent light, which makes it suitable for any setting, Brogliato Traverso Design Studio‘s Lost is a neutral lamp with a strong identity, whose distinctive feature is essentialism.

The main characteristic of the Lost Lamp designed for Magis is a void inside an illuminated continuous circular band around the entire perimeter of the lamp created with 1400 LEDs.

The void inside the circular 2 cm thick light source is able to emit more than 4000 lumen, due to the special flexible support onto which the LED lights have been assembled.

In most other lamps, the light source is hidden by the shade, here they are the same.

This technology has allowed continuous, even uniform light to be created along the lamp’s entire external perimeter, which can also be dimmed.


The table version features the use of a proximity sensor, which exploits the electromagnetic capacitance of the human body, making it possible for the user to control the light by interacting with the central void.

By inserting a hand inside the circle the light can be switched on or off or dimmed, without there being a single sensor or button in sight.




About Bogliato Traverso

After graduating in Architecture from Venice University, Italy and various experiences – from learning how to blow glass in Murano to working traditional ceramics in Japan – Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso founded BrogliatoTraverso design studio in 2014.

Their approach to design is called ‘NO TIME, NO SPACE’ and refers to their will to make objects with a timeless design that fits any context.

BrogliatoTraverso work by subtracting, creating a detailed sign, but almost invisible. With these finely hinted forms, their creations establish deep intimate empathy with the users and their surroundings, respecting both of them.

Their fine simplification process delivers projects addressing the needs of consumers and made for various companies, including Cappellini, Fratelli Guzzini, Infiniti, Il Fanale/Torremato, MyYour and more.

These partnerships have won the studio many international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, iF Design Award and Good Design Award.

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