Davide Groppi Labirinti @ Salone Milan 2019

Davide Groppi Labirinti @ Salone Milan 2019


What do we use labyrinths for ?
A labyrinth forces us to choose a direction. A labyrinth is doubt.
Behind every invention, behind every creative act, there is a question, an incertitude, a lost Hamlet in search of answers.
They are places we have conceived to get lost in, but where you will eventually find yourself thanks to the aesthetic choices and meanings that distinguish them.
Visitors are free to browse in search of possible meanings or a way out.
Labrynths” is the potential central idea behind our thoughts.
It is a path to follow leading to unexpected but always authentic destinations.
” ………… Davide Groppi



I let myself be guided by sensations inside.
They weren’t the sensations of a designer, but of an observer of things that have moved me over the course of my life.
Not only lamps. Not only objects.
I had a long list of ideas. Some didn’t produce anything special.
Others didn’t seem credible.
Slowly, my list diminished naturally.
What remained were the lamps I think in one way or another have always belonged to me.”   …………. Davide Groppi



Hall 11

Stand B29 / C26



New Products 2019



Davide Groppi, 2019

A play on words between “chain” and “chandeliere”.

I was looking for a chandelier, something new, but classic.

I wanted something simple, but with character.

Like a pearl necklace.

A chandelier that would allow us to solve the eternal problem of decentralisation.

ChainDelier is a golden chain that bends under its own weight, creating a perfect parabola and projecting light from its bottom most point.

Gold is the ultimate metal. It is a metaphor of energy and desire. It is also the ideal metal to conduct electricity.

Shining with golden rays like a modern version of a chandelier from Versailles, it is at the same time simple and linear.


ChainDelier can be whatever the user wants it to be, inserting more chains and/or lighting devices, with the lights facing up or down.

The number of lighting combinations makes this lamp truly unique.

Sistema: 24 V DC – MAX 20 W

Modulo ChainDelier: 24 V DC – 5 W LED – 500 lm

2700K / 3000K – CRI 90




Davide Groppi, 2019

Light runs alone a wire.

An almost imperceptible wire hung in the air.

Like a tightrope walker on a thin rope, the light goes where it’s needed, weightless and wonderful.

Ohm is an electro mechanic project that takes maximum advantage of the characteristics of luminous diodes.

The secret of Ohm is a special unipolar wire stretched from wall to wall.

The circuit is closed, like in a magic trick, thanks to another very thin, almost invisible conductor.

Where the light comes from is hidden, hiding discreetly, giving all the attention to what it is illuminating.

Ohm is another step forward in the work of Davide Groppi, in search of a rigorous and essential style, full of profound significance.

Sistema: MAX 700 mA DC – MAX 25 W

Spot Ohm: MAX 700 mA DC – 8 W LED – 840 lm

2700K / 3000K – CRI 90




Davide Groppi, 2018

Endless is endless light. It’s a shining strip of possibilities.

Thanks to Endless, every wall and every ceiling can potentially host light.

The idea is simple, but innovative. Consider your walls and ceilings as electronic circuits with which you can power any lighting devices you want, freely and easily.

Endless is an adhesive strip, a conductive ribbon that can be applied to any surface.

The Endless solution was conceived to take your power supply where you want it, in a graphic and digital manner.

Electric current is now available anywhere, allowing you to connect multiple lighting devices that can be controlled and regulated separately via wireless technology.

Endless is the definitive digital line.

Light designers’ biggest dream has just come true thanks to Endless.

Now you can draw, create guilloches and engrave darkness with light.

Endless. Light is now free to be the artist’s brush.

Sistema: 48 V DC – MAX 120 W

Spot Endless: 48 V DC – 15 W LED – 860 lm

2700K / 3000K – CRI 90




Omar Carraglia, 2019

Of all of the geometric figures, a sphere is the closest to perfection.

It is a metaphor for the absolute, the mystery of the universe on a smaller scale.

A crystal ball, imagining what the light of the future will be like.

A changing light, projecting these infinite modulations on the walls and ceiling.

Pigreco is rigorous in its design, putting together two essential, concrete and tangible materials: wood and glass.

The crystal ball, half of which is made of frosted glass, can be positioned as one desires, functioning both as diffusor and convex lens.

There is an invisible LED at the base of the lamp that illuminates the inside of the sphere. How one positions the light creates new worlds on the surfaces around it, offering unexpected light that surprises and moves people.

The light of the future, born from a precious sphere.

700 mA DC – 12 W LED – 1290 lm

2700K / 3000K – CRI 90




Alessandra Dallagiovanna, 2019

We have always believed that light is a story, narration.

You can draw, write and imagine stories with it.

Three parts only: a sheet of paper, a pen, a LED light.

A symbolic gesture, somewhere between reality and imagination.

The paper is special, provided with micro suction cups so that it can be fixed to a wall and moved at will, situated in such a way as to create waves and three-dimensional effects.

An imaginary sheet on which to immortalise bright thoughts.

The LED pen completes the idea, placed on the curve of the paper, creating guilloches of diffused light.

Pagina breaks the fourth wall, ripples the surface, making live, vibrant shapes. It takes a sheet of light to tell a story.

24 V DC – 3,6 W LED – 330 lm

2700K / 3000K – CRI 90




Davide Groppi, 2019

The moon as we see it from down here on Earth has thousands of shades and nuances.

When it is full, it inspires joy in people who watch it turn. It’s magic and like all good magic, it works every time.

Everyone has his or her own moon.

Moon was created from the dream of putting the moon inside your own home.

The japanese paper used on the outside is made by hand, so every lamp is unique and different.

100-240 V – MAX 15 W LED – E27 – 1521 lm

2200K / 2700K – DIMMER




Davide Groppi, 2019

What are we talking about in the end?

Maybe making lamps means investigating the infinite ways of bringing electrons into a space.

Maybe it means lighting a space in the simplest way possible, with a sense of irony and weightlessness.

The tracks of an electric train can be used to indicate an imaginary landscape in which light creates other directions, other crossings, other shapes.

Rail is the boundary between usefulness and show, between art and design.

Sistema: 24 V DC – MAX 100 W

Strip: 24 V DC – 60 W LED – 1200 lm/mt




Davide Groppi, 2019

There is no light without shadow and no shadow without light.

They co-exist and tell a story.

That’s why the new fragrance by Davide Groppi is called Ombra. It’s a play on light and aroma.

Perfume, like light, tells a story. It evokes the long gone, uncovers what has been forgotten, touching hearts and minds.

It is the search for simplicity and weightlessness that has been so important in Davide Groppi’s work for the last thirty years.

Perfume is not an object; it’s the sensation of an object.

Feel the light and watch Ombra work its charms. Emotions mix and the senses speak.

Ombra is the result of a collaboration between Davide Groppi and Giovanna Zucconi of Serra&Fonseca, who helps turn people’s stories into a fragrance.

In the case of Ombra, it is wood and Earth on a dark, mysterious background that becomes a radiant smile.

If emotions are born out of contrast, what Ombra captures is made of glass and brass. It is the force of transparency.

Let your Ombra follow you.




About Davide Groppi

In the late 80’s in a little workshop in the historical centre of Piacenza Davide Groppi started inventing and producing his first lamps using his own name as brand.

Creative independence and passionate, unconventional management have allowed him, over time, to develop original and unique products, currently distributed the world over.

Simplicity, weightlessness, emotion and creative invention are the fundamental components of each lamp or lighting project.

Davide Groppi creations are never conceived as just lights or lamps. They come about through the need to give life to something that is necessary or significant.

His inspiration comes from works of art, ready made objects, magic, the desire to make things with his hands or simply the urge to play and have fun with light.

Light in the hands of Davide Groppi is a wonderful way to seduce and excite.

Over the years the company developed various projects in collaboration with design companies and many international projects the world over, including the illumination of houses, stores and museums.

It has also been particularly active in the hospitality area. Some of the most famous and decorated chefs in the world have chosen lighting solutions by Davide Groppi for their venues

Davide Groppi’s work has also been recognized for excellence by the press and received prestigious awards for his lighting creations.

The Edida Award in 2011 for the Sampei lamp, the Design Plus Award in 2014 for the Neuro lamp, two awards at the 23rd edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards for the Nulla and the Sampei lamps and the ADI Compasso d’Oro Mention of Honour for the rechargeable lamp Tetatet in 2016.

The ADI Compasso d’Oro Award is considered the oldest and most prestigious recognition for design in the world.

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