Street Style Fashion @ Salone Milan 2018

Street Style Fashion @ Salone Milan 2018

Unlike its sisters Rome, Florence, or Venice, Milan isn’t swathed in its past.

The charm of some cities are immediately evident and obvious. Milan isn’t one of these destinations.

As the capital of Lombardy and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome, Milan unapologetically defines itself as a city of today: modern and lively, occasionally unsightly in its urbanity, it’s a commercial metropolis more interested in the prospects and possibilities of the future rather than perpetuating the glories of its past

Yes, you’ll find remnants of its Roman history alongside numerous historical buildings to haunt, but as a visitor it’s more likely you’ll remember Milan for its modern offerings, all painted colorfully by the industries of fashion and design.

We can breath the soul and the beauty of Milan, a crossroad of influences, including its architectural richness and the innovative fresh air deriving from its international character.

Milan Fashion Week, and Milan Design Week both unfold here – which makes the possibility a visit will coincide with a global convergence of the design community highly likely, making it one of the few cities that can truly claim Fashion and Design are part of its’ cultural and civic DNA

Luring a young, eclectic crowd to the city, Milan Design Week 2018 saw more than 400,000 visitors from over 165 different countries.

The event has attracted people from all over the world, converting the city into an open air museum; and placing street style trends firmly on the Milanese streets

Milan Design Week isn’t just the fashion week of the furniture and product design world—though the latest interiors releases and styles do play center stage

It’s also a hotbed of design and curatorial talent that converges to transform the entire city into a celebration and laboratory for design.

Even if you attend in person, the number of showroom events, art installations, parties, and launches make it impossible to see it all.



via WWD

Photographer Kuba Dabrowski


If there’s any take away we’ve learned from the frenzy of fashion month, it’s the fact that sometimes the most interesting things are happening off stage.

While the birth of street style was built on the premise that industry people are often just as stylish and put-together as the models on the runway, the same reasoning applies to the Salone del Mobile crowd.

Milan Design Week 2018 welcomed visitors from all over the world along with their creative looks at both the Rho fairgrounds and throughout the city for Fuorisalone.

Open to a wider public, the entire city becomes a stage for events, installations, boutiques, and parties into the wee hours of the morning.

So it’s no surprise that among all the exclusive affairs and electric events, the Salone del Mobile has inspired new looks and fashion trends.

High street style, the luxury version of a trend in constant transformation since the early 2000’s, is a favorite among the younger generation, especially in Italy.


The map of styles in Milan changes from one neighborhood to the next, where individual looks are mixed much more than during Fashion Week.

Trend forecasters might just make have to make a new spot in their calendars to catch this cultural affair.

Minimalism with an urban-sport twist and casual northern European flair continue to make an appearance at Milan’s Fuorisalone 2018.

The color palette signaled an early summer with pastel tones seen everywhere.

Pink was a must, while shades of green and classic black complimented the bright hues.

Interpreted mostly through accessories, from maxi leather fanny packs for men to canvas shoppers, another key look during Fuorisalone was the iconic stylings of Japanese minimalism.

The event is often described as ” A Fashion week of Design “, yet these art goers come with a far more casual vibe than the sartorial set.

Naturally, denim, often torn, and sneakers reigned with the occasional touch of seriousness showed up in long skirts for the women and tailored combos for the guys.

Like the folks who attend Fashion Week, Salone del Mobile’s attendees are a savvy bunch of creatives and visionaries, who are naturally attuned to putting things together in interesting ways.

Of course, that flair extends to personal style, too, although in contrast to the fashion set, there’s a distinct love of bold colour, print and sensible shoes.


This year a number of premium fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Marni again joined the party

Fashion houses launching homewares is a trend that we have seen in recent years, and this year saw even more luxury brands showing what they have to offer.

The event is often described as a fashion week of design, yet these art goers come with a far more casual vibe than the sartorial set.




Garage Italia




Designers and Artists Cavalcade at Prada Fondazione

Miuccia Prada Luc Tuymans and Rem Koolhaas


Afef Tronchetti Provera.


photographed by Pietro D’Aprano


Caroline Corbetta




via Vogue Australia

maria vittoria paololo

Decimaria Viana.

Photographed by Paul Barbera.


Grace Lee




The Designers in Milan for the Salone

via T Mag

For the third year in a row, the hotly anticipated T Mag party of Salone Del Mobile kicked off despite the threat of rain over head.

The party was held pool side at the legendary Villa Nechi Campiliglio




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Sneakers and canvas totes are a must for the design-addicted and Salone del Mobile signals style trends for an entire world of creatives

After the wave of sportwear-couture seen on the runways of Paris (Balenciaga, Margiela, and Louis Vuitton gave life to the latest craze), the “comfortable shoe” went from the gym to the coolest events in both fashion and design.

As the perfect no-gender item, sneakers are often easily collaborated on with fashion houses and artists, brands, and street style icons.

Not to mention of course, the major social impact and reverberations found on social media.

Photos by Andrea Pedretti




Casual Fashion at Mudec
Via Tortona


Meaningful gratification here arrives in stages, rewarding those compelled to investigate its smaller streets and outlying neighborhoods, speak to its people, with Milan’s finest moments only revealed to those patience enough to walk the proverbial extra mile

The city’s diverse and progressive populace is perhaps its greatest asset, reflected by the Milanese pride for the traditional, yet an openness to reinterpret them in perpetual novel fashion.

Milan may be celebrated most for its remarkable sense of style, but it also deserves attention for its accessibility and willingness to envision itself something anew every year, just like the culture of design and fashion it plays home to.



Menswear Street Style

Photographer Kuba Dabrowski




Milan Fashion Week 2018  – review / recap



Women’s wear Milan Fashion Week





Mens Wear Milan Fashion Week

Milan is one of the fashion capitals that is always worth profiling the best-dressed men during Fashion Week.

Dedicated to the coolest street styles, we tracked the scene from outside the shows and spotted effortlessly fashionable outfits

The go-to looks? Suits, suits, suits.

No matter if bold tracksuits from Dolce & Gabbana or rather sporty angles, suits are here to stay.




Yes this is still Milan ….. Italy  !!!!!   and thank goodness for that  !!!! 

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