Don’t Call Me ….. Dafne @ Salone Milan 2018

Don’t Call Me ….. Dafne @ Salone Milan 2018

Following the debut of the artwork “The Flexible Living” of Matteo Cibic, Timberland is presenting a new and interesting collaboration by partnering with influential product designer and artist Elena Salmistraro.

Her new work is called “Don’t call me… Dafne” is located within the Brera Design District and the installation responds to the theme of “Be Human: designing with empathy”


About the Don’t Call me Project

A campaign dedicated to all women who want to give strength to their voice to tell their story beyond appearances.

#dontcallme: a simple but effective message against labels, stereotypes and false myths; in its 2.0 version, it fills with new life giving voice to all women in a unique project of its kind.

A tree, the oak is a  symbol of sacredness, perfection, energy and life since the beginning of time (and the Timberland logo).

This is the subject that Elena reinterprets with her emotional language in an interactive installation with a “beating heart” that aims to embrace those who interact with it.

The installation is named Dafne after the Greek nymph represents a type of “Mother Nature”, who protects and welcomes as a woman knows how, embodying the brand’s spirit and desire to produce footwear collections designed for women and their world.

The large format installation of a tree trunk with a sinuous feminine silhouette in soft, pastel colours.

On its slender branches hang 4 big acorn-shaped seats, ready to welcome, cosy up and protect visitors of Design Week, cradling them gently in a cocoon effect.

Visitors can interact with the tree by hugging the trunk, it comes to life revealing its heartbeat, and at night it lights up thanks to the intensity and number of hugs.


About Elena Salmistraro

Product designer and artist, Elena lives and works in Milan. The harmony of forms characterizes her creations, a mixture of art and design. Her projects have been exhibited all over the world.

She graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan in 2008, she founded her own studio together with architect Angelo Stoli in 2009, where she has been working on architectural and design projects ever since.

In 2017 won the prize “Salone del Mobile Milano Award” like “Best Emerging Designer”.  Since 2017 was appointed Ambassador of Italian design in the world. She collaborates with many companies and galleries such as Bosa, Alessi, Seletti, Rossana Orlandi, Dilmos, Camp Design Gallery e Secondome.

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