Design Pride @ Salone Milan 2018

Design Pride @ Salone Milan 2018

The Design Pride, tangible proof that we are not only good at occupying chairs, sofas and living rooms but also the city.

For the third year in a raw, Seletti, the Italian design brand, in collaboration with the Paridevitale agency, invaded the 5VIE district with its fun and original spirit, promoting the most Pop party of the Design Week

Ecco il percorso che seguirà il corteo del Pride! Vi aspettiamo in Piazza Castello angolo via Minghetti Mercoledì 18 alle 18.00! #DesignPride2018

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The procession of creativity and fantasy started at 6 pm from Piazza Castello (at the corner with Via Minghetti) and walked to Piazza Affari, where the open air party continued all night.

With more than 3.000 people joining in, the street parade criss-crossed the City and everyone was invited to celebrate creativity and design by joining the alternative parade of floats, music, dancing and performances.



Seletti and Paridevitale were joined by –

Gufram, the iconoclastic Italian brand which brought radical design to the world,
Toiletpaper, the image-only magazine founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari,
Esselunga, one of the main Italian large retail chain,
Heineken, ready to revolutionize the market with the launch of Heineken®0.0
Saviola, the first company in the world to make ecological particleboard for furnishings and home design,
Hospitality Truck which offers an exclusive truck rental service for traveling events, and
Parco1923, the perfume inspired by the essences of the National Park of Abruzzo.


Also present are numerous designers who will show off with their most representative projects, … including – Studio Job, Marcantonio, Antonio Aricò, CTRLZAK, BBMDS, as well as many students from the European Design Institute in Milan.

fabio novembre, charley vezza, porcini, francesca cavallin and Stefano Seletti

Amongst the others to join them were many celebraties including:  Maurizio Cattelan, Paola Barale, Paola Marella, Fabio Novembre, Francesca Cavallin, Victoria Cabello, Marco Maccarini, Anna Ferzetti, Johanna Hauksdottir, Nicolò De Vitiis, Umberta Beretta, Paola Manfrin, Charley Vezza, Mauro Porcini, Paride Vitale.



Esselunga Design Pride

Il nostro van customizzato per l’occasione, oggetti di design trasportati da carrelli della spesa Esselunga, le strade di Milano riempite da un fiume di persone danzanti e il Dj Set di Piazza Affari. La Design Pride è stato tutto questo e molto di più. Noi c’eravamo, e voi?

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On the musical truck that led the parade two exceptional performances: the Italian rapper and singer-songwriter Ghemon and the Italian-Brazilian singer Gaia Gozzi ; the parade was animated by the Street Marching Brass Band P-Funking Band, while in Piazza Affari the party continued until late with DJ sets by Shorty and Stefano Fontana.


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What is a designer?

by Consuelo Crespi

20th April


“We were the ones that other classmates called inept and for this reason, from one day to the next, we improvised ourselves creatively. Moving to Milan we got our revenge thanks to the Salone del Mobile, better said the Designer’s Holy Week »

The Design Pride of Milan is the occasion for many young people to celebrate and have fun together and make Milanese understand what it means to be a designer during the week of the Salone del Mobile.

Choosing to become a designer basically means choosing to live a life of shit and not understanding the difference between night and day because of insomnia. Even if you can fall asleep your mind will continue to dream Photoshop and the meticulous contour with the channels.

Despite the designer’s life sucks and we run daily the risk of becoming drug addicts, the smile on our lips is not lacking, because we have decided to follow our dream and to realize it. Hooray! What a joy! We repeat ourselves in the head.

Unfortunately, reality is different: designers are those in high school who were scarce in almost all subjects. They did not shine in mathematics, in the subjects of Italian they struggled to sufficiency, science and chemistry were interesting only because they were used those vials of particular form, physical education was the excuse to smoke the pipes behind the gym.

During the furniture show, we designers feel special, real limited editions.

The truth is that after months spent creating things under the tyranny of dissatisfied customers or in a dark room lit by the cold light of the computer or in a loft that should be a hotbed of ideas but is actually a hotbed of dirt, torn paper and empty beers on the floor, it finally comes out in the sunlight and as if by magic the whole city is interested in your work, applauds and respects you, without even knowing why.

No one really understands the design, I swear, not even the designers themselves understand it, let alone the Milanese who use this worldly pretext to break through canapes and cocktails for free and make super cool Instagram Story under the installation of that very cool designer they remember the name.

Others, however, confuse the Salone del Mobile with the Sunday trip to Ikea and looking, for example, the installation on the air of Panasonic in Brera, they wonder how it could be that 20-meter balloon filled with air in their garden home: “It’s really beautiful, sensational, but so? I did not understand how I can furnish my house with such an object ».

“What are you talking about?” The designer would answer, putting the poor victim’s hands around his neck. Fortunately, it is too busy taking pictures of anything that exists in the surrounding space, even the street manhole that has been there for 50 years now becomes a form of inspiration during the Salone.

Another characteristic that distinguishes the Design Week is the good weather, a warm sun that illuminates and warms the city in its best period and leads the girls to discover and wave on the streets with fluttering skirts and mini shorts. The designer who, as we said, leaves the house only at this time of year, rediscovers the desire to live and returns to feel emotion for the fair sex. The need to mate with inanimate life forms ranging from the simple computer to the Boby cart to the Starck juicer passes temporarily, will stop singing The woman is mobile in the shower.

After the Design Week will return to its hovel, also called open space loft, and will continue to marry his work.

In short, the designer’s job is complicated, brings joy and satisfaction but perhaps not enough compared to stress, physical tension and above all psychological that we try … But I tell you, nothing can ever scratch our ego boundless, we will always feel better than all the others.

“You know, your cousin Marco has become a neurosurgeon.”

“Then? The other day I made crystal glasses, it was absurd, nobody knows that flapping is perfectly recreate the effect of transparency “. And so on.

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