Excellence ” In Italy ” @ Salone Milan 2015

Excellence ” In Italy ” @ Salone Milan 2015

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The Salone del Mobile 2015 acknowledged the excellence of Italian design with a memorable and highly engaging event named “In Italy”.

In Italy brought together a group of visionary entrepreneurs for the very first time to tell the world about themselves and their achievements in an amazing project portraying Italian life and style and disclosing the extraordinary diversity of Italy’s manufacturing sector.

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Italian excellence comes from a millennia-old artistic tradition, a propensity for beauty and a native artisanal ability which, combined with modern Italy’s industrial know-how, enable designers to create unique objects.

For the very first time, 64 Italian companies have decided to join forces and tell their stories through a single large project presenting the culture of the Italian lifestyle, revealing the unique story that lies behind every object produced in Italy.

This Federlegno Arredo Eventi initiative provides a highly innovative tool for the companies to talk about themselves.

It also gives Italy a chance to tell the world what being Italy really means.

We decided to explain, for the first time in a systematic manner, what lies behind the objects that make up the living, because an Italian product represents an unicum.

The great design icons, everyday objects, furniture components, everything contributes to create the suggestion of the Italian lifestyle, is the result of personal, corporate, stories of entire territories which have the art, stratification

A story that would only be possible in Italy, a place where natural beauty, culture, art and artisan craftsmanship come together to create a wholly unique production context.

In Italy shows the world the provenance of Italian excellence.

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A large multimedia installation set up in Pavilion 14 at Salone del Mobile, Rho is the latest promotional vehicle for the Italian lifestyle, ( authorised by Federlegno Arredo Eventi ) and staged with the contribution of the Lombardy Region Chamber of Commerce.

Created by the architectural practice Four in the Morning to a design by architect Dario Curatolo, “IN ITALY” features 64 Italian manufacturers and a select group of designers, planners and architects, who tackled the theme of products, design and planning.

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Along with the 5 x short films, hundreds of videos featuring the champions of Italian know-how were screened for the first time as part of this installation, constituting a unique multimedia collection.

The firms involved are presented informatively through the films, with the curator taking the audience through a virtual exploration of Italian know how and uniqueness and the production processes behind each object.

pavilion 14

Visitors were able to virtually explore the interiors through more than 120 videos featuring furniture, histories of the companies, artisanal skills and the local culture of the individual territories.

The multimedia installation together with a great App ( click here ) show the skills, quality and know-how of 64 leading Italian companies.

A roadshow will shortly then bring them to all the major capitals of the world to share these extraordinary stories of quality.

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Designer Testimonials

urquiola dordoni colombo massaud

patricia urquiola, rodolfo dordoni, carlo colombo. jean-marie massaud

The unique quality of Italian manufacturing and the relationships forged between designers and manufacturers took centre stage, as told by four exceptional testimonies.

Four leading designers, Rodolfo Dordoni, Carlo Colombo, Jean Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola, the protagonists of In Italy at the Salone, explained – from the standpoint of their own experience – the reasons why designers from all over the world choose to come and carry out their work in Italy.

They did so through the means of a holographic representation of themselves

At the official launch it was interesting to see each of the 4 designers standing next to their talking holograms

in italy 7

rodolfo dordoni hologram centre stage

salone in italy exhibition (4)

carlo colombo

urquiola hologram

patricia urquiola


The participating 64 Manufacturers and the creator / designers / visionaries giving their stories in videos in this project

companies 1

companies 2

companies 3

You can watch the Minotti videos here …  renato minotti videoroberto minotti video

companies 4


Short Films

The entire project and its installation at the Salone del Mobile were curated by the architect Dario Curatolo for Four in the Morning.

The ’Italian lifestyle’ is on display in 5 settings in 5 different styles in 5 iconic locations curated by 5 interior designers : giving visitors fascinating insights into the manufacturing history of each object.

The five different interiors were conceived by Carolina Nisivoccia, Studio di Architettura, interior design Ravaio Lisilenzi Studio, Candida Zanelli Studio and Cameranesi Pompili.


1. Milan = The Date  by interior design ravaioli silenzi studio


see Milan film here


2. Venice = The Message   by  Cameranesi Pompili

venice 1

see Venice film here


3. Val D’Orcia = Breakfast for Two   by   Candida Zanelli Studio


see Val D’Orcia / Sienna film here


4.  Rome = A quiet corner  by  Carolina Nisivoccia Studio di Architettura

Rome a

see Rome film here

rome d


5.  Lecce = The concert   by  Cameranesi Pompili

lecce 1

see Lecce film here


Production crew for Four in the Morning with Dario Curatolo filming ( in the green room ) for the App

in italy production grreen room filming (1)

in italy production grreen room filming (2)

in italy production grreen room filming (3)

dario curatolo on set


In Italy App

Download the  In Italy APP  here

The films become an installation, which in turn became an App used to explore the five apartments – in Lecce, Milan, Rome, Venice and the Sienese hillside – all executed in completely different styles.

The launch of the In Italy App enable users all over the world, to engage with five short interactive films, describing the beauty of products made by sixty-four Italian manufacturers, relating the histories, the production processes and the entrepreneurial vicissitudes that form the background to each different piece.

With just one click, interactive videos disclose details about each individual piece making up the setting.


2014 Salone Project Prototype installation



About Dario Curatolo

dario curatolo 2

Dario Curatolo took his degree from the Sapienza University of Rome, and works in the fields of architecture, design and communication.

He is creative director of Four in the Morning and art director of several companies and institutions, for which he designs installation, and visual and product projects.

He recently curated and designed the installation for the multimedia exhibition on Apulian stone, “Stone Stories”, promoted by the Apulian Region.

He conceived the installation “Landstories, the Italian Countryside” as a Project for the Italian Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Biennale in Venice. Also in 2012, he wrote and filmed the documentary Exchanges, Expo Cambia il Mondo – a collateral event at the 69th Venice Film Festival. He wrote and filmed the documentaries Ward 54 and Out of Teheran, featured at the 67th and 68th editions of the Venice Film Festival.

He became art director of Fineterra, the multi-disciplinary Mediterranean Arts Festival, in 2012.

He curated the installation and visual identity of the collateral “Cattedrali del Vino” exhibition at the 12th International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

He produced the “Vettori” exhibition, celebrating ten years of his own visual communication work, at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome, in 2010.

He has been the recipient of art and architecture exhibition awards at both national and international level. He was included in the 2012 ADI Design Index for his project “The Sense of Material”, and took his first prize, the Premio del Jurado al Ordenamiento Territorial, at the 2nd Biennial of Urbanism in Argentina in 1992.


Project Concept Renderings by Dario Curatolo Studio

excellence in Italy concept renderings (1)

excellence in Italy concept renderings (3)

excellence in Italy concept renderings (4)


Project Credits:

Initiative, installation and App IN ITALY organized by Federlegno Arredo Eventi

Project concept, artistic direction, Salone del Mobile installation. Four in the morning

Art director Dario Curatolo

Four in the morning Staff

Graphic design: Cristina Mazzù
Exhibition design: Massimo Acito, Rusco Castiglia, Marta Spadaro
App design & organization: Licia Pasquale, Sara Carretta
Interview videos: Davide Artusi, Diego Silvestri,Gianni Bonardi, Lorenzo Ravella, Lucio Pontoni, Marcello Pastonesi, Marco Gandolfo, Marzio Mirabella
Video editing: Francesco Manzitti, Marco Pezzati, Mauro Colombo, Alessandro Pantano
Copywriter: Antonella De Santis
Editorial team: Alessandra Montagnoli, Cecilia Di Mario, Giada Martemucci, Giovanni Pasquale, Natasha Fusari, Valentina Berdozzi
Subtitling: Luca Persiani

Living space designers

Rome: Carolina Nisivoccia Studio di Architettura
Milan :interior design ravaiolisilenzistudio
Val d’Orcia: Candida Zanelli Studio
Lecce: Cameranesi Pompili
Venice: Cameranesi Pompili

Film crew (living space interiors):

Onemore pictures
Directors: Brando De Sica, Stefano Lodovichi
Director of photography: Andrea Arnone
Digital visual effects and post-production (living space interiors): Direct2Brain
App development: Axed Technology
Hologram development and creation: Studio Tangram

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