Spazio Minotti

Spazio Minotti

A space designed to capture the essence and identity of the Minotti brand, has now become its permanent expression in the most effective and authentic way.

Designed by Studio Dordoni Architetti, Spazio Minotti is located in an industrial complex in Meda, the company’s premises. The concept by Studio Dordoni Architetti was inspired by the project of a contemporary villa where all the rooms meld harmoniously with the terraces and hanging gardens

An elaborate project involved redeveloping part of the industrial site, expanding it to create a raised 1,000 sq.m exhibition surface area and obtain a sprawling, bright space that would host the company’s latest collections and iconic products from past collections.

After crossing the entrance, you have the impression of finding yourself in a large house where the materials – concrete walls, concrete and Piasentina stone flooring, warm, tobacco-colored wood paneling, huge windows screened by smoky gray linen curtains – exude the ideal setting to highlight the seating systems and the myriad of furnishing complements from the company catalog.

The skillful use of perspectives, raised platforms and sophisticated lighting create an interesting succession of truly eye-catching settings intended to showcase not just the products but also the inimitable Minotti lifestyle.

The showroom includes rooms with audio-video equipment for meetings and training courses for customers, architects, interior designers and journalists.

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